Good Friday: significance and signs of people that day

Today is good Friday. This is the day when Jesus Christ was crucified on mount Calvary. Because the day of the remembrance of the Passion of the Savior is essentially a mourning for the faithful — this explains the abundance of strict prohibitions.

Holy or good Friday is always very revered by the people. After the death of Christ symbolizes the sacrifice of the innocent lamb for the sins of all mankind, and gratitude to Jesus for his act does not have measures, reports Lisa.

Folk omens on Good Friday

On Good Friday you can see if your house is “hex” things (such that evil man caused the damage). To do this, from the Church bring gogolevskoy a candle lit in the house and walk with her all the rooms, bringing different angles. They say that in the place where the candle flame will begin to crack, and is enchanted object.

This day is traditionally read harvest for the weather. If the sky will be the stars and wait for the grain harvest. If the day is overcast, “the bread will be with the weeds,” said our ancestors. What do you mean, wait for a poor harvest this year.

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