Rental housing for students: how to find a good option and not become a victim of fraud

In the middle of summer with the beginning of the opening campaign, the demand for rental housing is increasing at an unprecedented pace. Where is the best place to look for apartments, what is to be feared and how prices have changed recently, found out the site “Today“.

Student centers in Ukraine are Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and Lviv. In the universities of these cities, the applicants served the greatest number of complaints. But in the hostel, as a rule, are not all nonresident students – simply not enough places. Someone, on the contrary, want a more comfortable environment, and not to live with multiple people in the same room. All this gives rise to the excitement around rental housing, which is annually surprised new students and their parents.

The difficulty of hostels

It would seem that in University residences must settle all those who came and needed housing. But often the number of nonresident students in most institutions of higher education greatly exceeds the capacity of the dormitories. Even the large universities have at their disposal more than ten hostels cannot cope with the provision of housing.

Primarily in dormitories occupy privileged categories of students: orphans, immigrants, the disabled, children of miners and affected by the Chernobyl disaster and the ATO. Some universities (often medical) inhabit exclusively of beneficiaries and state employees. All this is only increasing the demand for rental housing.

They are looking for students

Options for nonresident students weight from the usual one-bedroom apartments to hostels and private rooms in apartments of pensioners. Search trends of housing does not change from year to year. Everyone wants to find something cheaper, with comfortable living conditions and normal location, so you don’t have to get a few hours in school.

The most common options for students in Ukraine there are:

  • one-bedroom apartments, relatively modest size and layout, which the students usually share with their friends or with random neighbors;
  • rooms in apartments with owners (typically, these options offer single pensioners);
  • a large apartment with several rooms, which are divided between several tenants or families as a whole;
  • private dormitories where conditions are much better than their state counterparts.

“Looking for one-bedroom apartments. On them the greatest demand. If already people have money, then start some requirements – for example, geography and location. At the forefront of the metro, good infrastructure. Well, the requirements to the quality of the apartment that was more-or-less modern renovation, the absence of the Soviet furniture, all household appliances,” – said the Chairman of the Committee of the Association of realtors of Ukraine Eduard Brazas.

At the same time, the proposals of the rooms with the owners retired in the rental housing market very little. They are often removed when the lease budget is strictly limited to 2-2,5 thousand UAH. “The issue is not that they are popular – the question is that they are a necessary measure. My client is a housing matter, but such proposals is not enough, so the popularity can not speak”, says Brazas.

How and when is the best time to look for housing

Perfect housing tenants are usually looking for all possible ways: online, through real estate agents, friends, or simply advertise in social networks.

Now is increasingly turning to realtors, in the hope that they’ll offer many options from which to choose that thing. But the real estate market in the low price segment is very dynamic and competitive. Realtors here do not cooperate with each other and can only offer you a few options that they have.

“People who rent something inexpensive, I would advise you to rely only on themselves and to call all who in your area offers at least some apartments. It is clear that the vast majority will be the realtors that leave some consolidated images of the object, but, nevertheless, you need to leave the application, expect that you will make the offer and very fast to react to it,” – said the Chairman of the Committee URA Edward Brazas.

The ideal option is a trusted person or friends realtor that will search. It is best to contact several realtors. While looking for an apartment it is better to start in advance before the peak season in August-September. The easiest way to rent an apartment in the period from late spring to mid-summer, said the expert. Market demand at this time there is little, therefore, to find a good option will be the time to think things through and weigh.

However, students like this advance search option of housing is not suitable, because not all know which University and city exactly to go. So then we have to deal with issues of resettlement in an emergency mode.

You should pay attention

When you rent an apartment or room you need to consider many factors. It is important to check the documents in the apartment, to make sure that the housing you are losing it is the owner, to enter into a lease and discuss all the details.

While searching you also need to be vigilant due to the large number of scams. One of the most common options fraud – the selling of databases with addresses and phone numbers of the owners. As practice shows, the information provided in these databases is absolutely untrue, and wherever asked to pay money in advance – planning is simply to deceive you.

“Strongly recommend some kind of database to buy, etc. Any money in advance, no databases, no “give us money and go to view” and all in this spirit. This is a direct way to be deceived,” warns Edward brazas.


Compared to last year, prices for rental housing have risen significantly. Today one-bedroom apartments start from 5 thousand and above, while a year earlier it was quite possible to get a good option for 3.5–4 thousand UAH.

“Last year, rental prices have been fairly stable. This year began to increase, especially for cheap housing. 3-4 thousand UAH to offer, most likely, nothing will be impossible – unless something very sad. Studio starts now anywhere from 5 thousand and above market grew, the demand is there. Not so many offers and rates different from last year, at least 15-20% in a big way,” says the expert.

According to analysts, OLX, the cost of rent of apartments in Kiev grew from January to August of this year by 38%. Cheaper to rent an apartment in Desnyanskiy and svjatoshynskyi areas, the average prices remained about 5 thousand

In the Shevchenko district, where is located the main educational institutions of the capital (KNU them. T. Shevchenko, Kyiv, NMU) average prices are not encouraging. Given the prestige of the area and high demand, the cost of rental housing over the past six months here has risen by 30%. Instead of the previously announced 7 thousand, the average amount comes up to 9-10 thousand.

In Solomenskiy area where is located the campus of KPI, the average cost of renting a Studio apartment just below – about 8 thousand UAH.

The option with the rental of rooms cheaper. Thus, the maximum rates for the rooms in the Pechersk district of Kiev (about 4 thousand UAH). In all other areas the price is about the same – about 2.5 thousand UAH.

As for other student centers of Ukraine, it can be noted that the prices for rent of apartments in Lvov and Kharkov increased by 22% and 36%, respectively. But in the river the average cost of housing over the past year has not changed.

The average price for Lviv and Kharkiv-bedroom apartments in the range of 4-6 thousand UAH. The rooms in these cities will cost 1,5–2 thousand In the river, the situation is better: a full apartment can be found for 2,5-5 thousand UAH, and for the room will have to pay about 1.5 thousand UAH.

However, these prices should also allow the payment of utility bills, which is now fully with the lessee. “Now all moved on, that the bills falls entirely on the tenant. If there was parity that the meters are paid by the tenants, and regular payments paid by the owner, now in almost all cases this amount falls on the tenant,” – said Edward brazas.

So in search of cheap and comfortable in all housing options, students and their parents should be prepared to ensure that suitable options will have to search long and no time to go on viewings. But the real estate market there is always a lot of offers. So if thorough approach to this issue, the new student will not have to fear being left on the street.