How to gear up for spring: TOP 4 tips on how to maintain productivity

Spring can give not only a good mood, but the unwillingness to work, because it’s warm, Sunny and better, of course, a walk in the Park than sitting in front of the monitor in the office.

But the work itself should not be, so you need to get together and just learn to focus on the work so that your productivity is not dependent on external factors, reports


Spring morning run — the best start to the day. Get up early, run a few laps on the stadium or the nearest Park. Run excellent tones and invigorates. After this awakening, you will go to work with positive thoughts and the desire to move mountains.

More walk

Walk is good not only for physical but also psychological health. Walk to work a couple of stops on foot, be sure to get out of the office at lunch. Fresh air will help rejuvenate, recharge, tune in a working mood.

When you are distracted from the bustle of the office, opens a space for new ideas and building plans. So indulge in a nice walk before and after work and at lunchtime.

The Windows are open

Do not hang the Windows with dark curtains and blinds. Let the sun fill the space. In the bright, spring setting it is easier to work and vdochnovenie. Be sure to ventilate the Cabinet or the room in which you spend the whole day.

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Fresh air can help stimulate the mental processes and enhance mood.

Implement your ideas

After “hibernation” comes alive not only nature, but also aktiviziruyutsya our brain activity. When grey days come Sunny and blooming tale, we feel the release of endorphins — “hormones of joy and happiness.” When a person is happy, it becomes most productive. Have you noticed that spring always wants activities? Rearrange the furniture at home, do the cleaning, to change the image. So why not send their forces in a professional environment?