A detailed report on the situation of human rights in the United States in 2016

The Institute of international studies, Korea

USA, positioning itself as “international judge of human rights and is actually the most disgusting state criminal against humanity, allow yourself to interfere in the internal Affairs of other countries, justifying it with the situation of human rights in them.

What are the standards of human rights applied the United States?

They are based on the values of the Yankees, based on extreme selfishness, misanthropy and mammonism, and serve the interests of a handful of the privileged class; They are irrelevant to the dignity of the absolute majority of workers.

The fact that the US turns white in the black when it comes to the situation of human rights in other countries, but leave in the shadows of your own situation, causing outrage from the global community, is a deliberate distortion of genuine human rights and an unpardonable challenge to international justice and conscience.

With the aim to reveal the pitiful situation of human rights in the United States, where all sorts of injustice, unscrupulousness and social evil has touched many areas through human rights violations last year, the Institute of international studies DPRK, publishes this comprehensive report.

1. The anti-people nature of the political system of the United States, manifested in the elections

2016 was a presidential election year in the United States.

Election is in General terms the process by which members of society choose individuals who can represent their views and interests. The standard for evaluating the fairness of the election support of the majority of society.

In paragraph 3 of article 21 of the universal Declaration of human rights States: “the Basis of authority of government must be the will of the people. And it should be expressed in periodic genuine elections…”.

However, in US elections are crucial not political knowledge, or the ability of candidates, and money.

If you have money anyone can become an influential person and win “mass support”, even if it itself does not cost anything.

That is why presidential candidates, regardless of with whom they participate in the presidential race, don’t waste energy and time on raising funds, and billionaires, in turn, do not regret money to have their representatives in the oval office.

In October 2016, the year WikiLeaks released more than 19 thousand e-mails of key figures from the Democratic party National Committee, who reveal the real story of fundraising for Democrats.

In a letter to his influential supporter in Tennessee they offer that if he will make an additional contribution in the amount of 33 400 USD, he can be invited to a party organized by the President.

It also found that supporters who have donated from 467 600 to 1 250 000 after January 2015, were granted various privileges, including accommodation in a luxury hotel in Philadelphia where a Congress of the Democratic party.

And such atrocities are committed not only to the Democrats.

The result of the presidential elections of 2016 are the most costly in history.

According to statistics, the 2008 presidential election cost about five billion dollars, in 2012 — about six billion dollars. as in the last presidential election left Colo $ 10 billion.

Advertising for candidates cost $ 4.4 billion, and income websites, radio stations and Newspapers amounted to 1.2 billion, 916 million and $ 882 million respectively.

Regardless of the individual policy, bought by billionaires, it has to generate “laws” and policies in favour of powerful supporters.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter lamented: “Unlimited bribes has become an important factor in the process of nomination of candidate and his election; the US political system has been reduced to (turned into)the tool compensation key political supporters.”

The consequence of this money-focused election was the fact that no party except the Republican and Democratic, representing the interests of the ruling classes, may not participate in the elections.

This is equivalent to the institutional exclusion of the possibility of the progressive party representing the interests of a wide range of voters to enter the political circles.

The electorate has no other choice but to choose one of the two established political parties, and his disappointment in the election is increasing day by day.


This is evidenced by the fact that the turnout in the last presidential and General elections was 60% and 30-40%, respectively.

According to a joint poll by The New York Times and NBC, conducted last year, 85% of voters expressed their dissatisfaction with the electoral system of the United States.

People from different social groups have organized demonstrations in 30 cities, including Washington, to protest against the political system focused on money.

In April last year, the members of Spring of Democracy (a progressive social organization — approx.ed.) organized a 240-mile protest March from Philadelphia to Washington, chanting “No money for politicians!” And “don’t buy our future!” They demanded to put an end to the rotten electoral system and to hold free and fair elections.

Elections in the United States, in which astronomical sums are being wasted for the presidency, while the majority of people living in extreme poverty have no relationship to the interests and opinions of people, which the ruling classes is usually not taken into account.

This is only a brief description of political system of the United States directed against people, against human rights, a system that exists only for the sake of prosperity of the political careerists and the privileged classes.

It is obvious that such a political system unable to provide basic rights to life and livelihood for workers, not to mention their dignity and political rights as members of society.

2. “Desert of human rights”, where even basic rights are not secured

The “American dream” is a phrase often slips out of American politicians, when they solicit votes or giving a speech.

This phrase first appeared in the historical treatise of James Adams ‘ “Epic of America” published in 1931, and it means that if everybody works hard, everyone will be able to own an apartment and a car, educate their children and live better than the previous generation.

Current realities in the United States present a completely different picture.

Workers, who constitute the vast majority of the population are deprived of basic rights necessary for existence: food, clothing, housing, work, medical care and training, as well as economic and social rights, not to mention dream for the future. They live in the abyss of a nightmare.

Paragraph 1 of article 6, paragraph 2 of article 12 and paragraph 1 of article 13 of Chapter 3 of the International Covenant on economic, social and cultural rights provides for the right of all people to be able to sustain his life through labor, the right to health care and care during illness, as well as the right of all people to education.

For one week in October 2016 in America 265 thousand people were left without work and joined the total number of permanent unemployed, which is estimated at 7.9 million people. 18.8 per cent of the total unemployed are young people.

Last year, the number of persons without a residence exceeded 560 thousand people, 322 thousand people in Florida maintain its existence only through “charity organizations”.

According to statistics published by economists together at the end of 2016, the average annual income of rich people, constituting 1% of the total population, 81 times the average income of the middle class, which greatly exceeds the difference in 27 times, established 36 years ago.

Young people are deprived of their right to study, lost hope for the future, and some of them turned into criminals.

Over the past 25 years, the cost of school has increased dramatically: up to 440%.

One academic year at a state University costs 10 thousand dollars, in the private University — 50 thousand dollars; Universities which give education in medicine and other disciplines that require time and effort, cost 500 thousand dollars.

About 6 million young people under 24 years of age not going to school, and 1.2 million high school students every year abandon their studies because of excessive costs.

Even middle-class Americans, three out of four associate yourself with debt to educate their children, and these debts cannot be paid until the children reach University.

The Russian newspaper “Pravda” revealed the surprising fact that the debts of University students in the US is $ 1.3 trillion.

42% of people born in disadvantaged households, constituting 20% of the total number of families in the United States, can not get rid of poverty even after they become adults.

The situation in the field of health is a good example of the anti-human nature system.

For the removal of the tooth will have to pay 500 dollars for the appendectomy — tens of thousands of dollars. Seat in the house first aid is worth a thousand dollars a day, and emergency surgery — from 100 to 200 thousand dollars.

“Health insurance” has become a legal tool to victimize people.

According to The New York Times of July 22, 2016, fraudulent organization in Florida for the past 14 years pulled $ 1 billion from two large health insurance companies; it was the largest fraud in history.

Since 2009, funds obtained by fraud across the health insurance exceeded $ 29.9 billion dollars. In turn, the Ministry of justice has announced that from the end of June 2016 300 people working in the medical field (administration, physicians), was prosecuted for fraud related to health insurance.

The pessimism, despair and lack of hope for the future leads to social degradation and crime, and the most common victims are women and children.

And although the US constantly call for “equality” in the United States has not yet ratified the Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.

Although 57% of the workforce were women, their salary is 80% of the salary of their male colleagues, and the salary of African American women and Hispanic women 69% and 58%, respectively.

Each year, about 6 million women are victims of violence.

The number of sexual offenses on average annually more than 500 thousand, more than two million women suffer from cruelty in their families, and about 20% of women become victims of rape.

Every fifth student is subjected to sexual violence. In the armed forces widespread sexual violence against women, and 60 thousand women a year are abused in prison.

In January of this year, the specialist UN human rights revealed that the mortality rate of women of ethnic minorities and African American women during childbirth was 77%, which is four times the percent for white females.

Human trafficking is openly committed in the United States, is beyond the scope of human imagination.

February 10 this year, UPI reported that trafficking in 2016 increased by 35.7% compared to the previous year. According to the report, California ranked first (1 323 cases), followed by Texas (670 cases), then FL (550 cases).

© AP Photo, Mark LennihanБездомный on one of the streets in new York

Polaris non-governmental organisation involved in supervision in the sphere of human trafficking, defined human trafficking as “a form of modern-day slavery in which traffickers force victims to commercial sexual service or labor against their will through violence and deception,” and revealed the true corrupt nature of the American system, published a report stating that human trafficking increased by 35.7% for the year.

7 572 cases of trafficking, and reaffirmed last year, 340 of the 6 victims were women, of which 2 397 minors. This proves the plight of women and minors in the United States.

The Convention on the rights of the child stipulates international obligations to provide rights to rest of children, protection of their labor, the prevention of sexual exploitation and infringement of their rights. USA this Convention not ratified.

The number of children living in conditions of hunger and poverty, is 16 million people, and the cruel treatment of children is legal in 19 States. In 80% of cases age deaths from ill-treatment of children does not exceed four years.

The work of minors is legal in the United States, and approximately 800 thousand children are forced to work.

USA is the only country in the world where a child can be sentenced to life imprisonment, 5 of 50 thousand juvenile prisoners serve their sentences in adult prisons.

Sexual crimes against minors is also prevalent in the USA, 100 thousand minors are victims of trafficking.

In June last year, CNN reported the startling news: a man named Kaplan in Pennsylvania held more than 10 children, starting from 6-month-old baby, and ending with the teenage girl (in this case two of them were children, women), which he captured and raped 4 years ago when she was only 14 years old.

This shows that the US “desert” in the field of human rights hell on Earth, where workers cannot enjoy basic rights to survival, not to mention any hopes for the future.

3. The world’s largest country of death: violence with weapons

The right to life is the most basic and precious of all human rights.

In article 3 of the universal Declaration of human rights States: “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person”. In paragraph 1 of article 6 of the International Covenant on civil and political rights States: “everyone has the inherent right to life. This right is protected by law. No person shall be deprived of life by its own discretion”.

In American society violence with a weapon that ignores the human right to life, has become an integral part of “culture.”

The following will give a brief presentation about the “culture”.

In the US, anyone can get a gun and carry it everywhere.

98% of Americans live within 15 kilometers from the weapon stores. Their total number across the country is 23 thousand. Annual sales volume reaches 200 thousand copies a year. Prices on different types of weapons ranging from 200 to 1 thousand dollars. These include flame-throwers cost 1 $ 600. The price of personal weapons can reach 357 million dollars.

According to Boston University, a one percent increase in the number of gun owners leads to an increase in the number of murders by 0.9%.

French journalist, after a tour of America expressed it: “Foreigners on American soil, are often advised never to freak out in the event of a traffic accident. Globally, this behavior is cultural. In the US, however, it is a way to save his life.”

2016 was also soaked with the blood of victims of violence with a weapon.

For the first ten days in Illinois was recorded 120 shootings, in which 19 people died and 101 people were injured. These figures are three times higher than last year. In April and may there were four such incidents in a row, in which 14 people were killed and 78 were injured. For the whole year in this city occurred 3 500 shootings, which injured 4 of 331.

7 February to California, Florida, Mississippi, new York and other States, a wave of shootings that caused extreme social excitement and horror.

June 12, in Orlando, Florida, the shooting occurred at a nightclub (49 people killed, 53 injured) is one of the most brutal and bloody executions in American history. In total this day, there are a record number of victims across the country — about 160 people.

Violence with weapons is a cancer of society, and it is distributed through schools.

An estimated 100 million students carry guns even for self-defense, about 160 thousand reluctant to go to school for fear of being subjected to violence with weapons.

An unidentified intruder broke into the office of Professor in the University of Delta, Mississippi, and shot him in the head. Another in his 20 years, broke into the auditorium of the University of Oregon and randomly began shooting at students and teachers, killing 13 people and wounding 20. In the Parking lot of the Dorm Arizona state University were killed and wounded four people. Three were killed in another attack in the University of Tennessee. In the same state for two middle school students were found shot dead on campus, after which it closed.

In 2016 there was a jump in the number of murders. Across the country there have been more than 57 thousands of incidents of weapons, which killed 14 thousand people and 30 thousand were injured.

The production of weapons. Instead of having to carry the responsibility for these deaths, thriving price of their blood.

For example, according to Spanish Newspapers, the profits derived by the company Smith & Wesson Co. in the United States over the last seven years has increased 10 times.

In September 2016, the national rifle Association, States spent $ 7.7 million dollars for the protection of the right to bear arms.

Privileged elite enjoying unlimited freedom and the luxury of the huge profits from selling arms, while innocent civilians die from bullets made it. It is an expression of the “gun culture” in American society. And it is this “culture” — the true face of the most brutal violator of human rights in the world.

4. Institutional discrimination aimed at humiliating other races.


People are the most precious beings in the world, and as such deserve the right to social respect. On this basis, people should be equal as individuals, regardless of nationality, race, political views, religious beliefs, property status and intellectual level.

Article 2 of the universal Declaration of human rights States that “every person can possess all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration without any distinction such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status”.

United States of America was founded as a result of the mass murder of American Indians and destruction of their civilization. Clinging to the anachronistic racism, the U.S. is increasingly and more openly carried out the traditional policy and institutional discrimination in relation to other Nations.

Under the guise of civil rights Act, voting rights Act, the Law on housing Fund and other Federal laws, the state encourages the various racist actions such as collective imprisonment of people with different skin color and ethnic minorities, isolation at the place of residence, discrimination in the field of education and deprivation of political rights.

African Americans and other ethnic minorities live isolated from their white colleagues.

Chart of racial distribution in Washington shows a clear separation between the African-American areas in the East and the white areas in the West.

The special Rapporteur on freedom of peaceful Assembly and Association of the UN Council on human rights, said after a visit to the US in July 2016, that blacks and other colored people live in isolated neighborhoods; racial discrimination and persecution in America have a detrimental effect on freedom of Assembly and Association.

African Americans, in particular, are forced to live in those places, where social and environmental indices are at a very dangerous level.

For example, tap water for public use, usually contain lead and copper. In many areas, where most African Americans live, the lead content exceeds the permissible limit of 400 times.

The power of flint, Michigan, postponed the replacement of rusty pipes allegedly for financial reasons, forcing the citizens for over a year and a half to consume water that contains rust and lead. In March 2016, it became clear that many residents suffer from lead poisoning.

According to the Council on human rights UN, 40.4% of the homeless are African Americans and unemployment rates twice the average rate in the country. The number of prisoners of African Americans at 5.9 times higher than the former, and African American women, 2.1 times higher than white women.

Worst of all, African Americans are increasingly the victims of police shootings. In most cases the victims are innocent people.

According to The Washington Post of March 3, 2016, of the 256 people who were victims of police shootings, the majority is African American.

5 July in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, police officer shot in the stomach and the back of an unarmed African-American named Alton sterling (Alton Sterling). The next day a policeman in St. Paul, Minnesota, opened fire at sitting in my car young African Americans for unknown reasons.

September 20 blacks were shot and killed in Charlotte, North Carolina, September 27, in front of the store in the suburbs of San Diego, California.

African Americans constantly afraid that they will be shot white cops.

In African-American communities there are “custom family parent”: when the son reaches adolescence, he warned that in any case it is impossible to argue with the police, otherwise the police might attack. Be, to resist or misbehave.

Even Eric holder (Eric Holder), the attorney General of the Obama administration, admitted that he had told his sons the same.

Murder and collective imprisonment of African Americans by police are typical examples of modern versions of racial discrimination.

Half of young people of African descent believe that they will live up to 35 years.

Unfortunate situation in the field of racial discrimination in the US is also confirmed by the fact that every third African American in the country were convicted earlier.

In the US, the ratio of men to women is 100: 99 in the case of white and 100: 83 in the case of African Americans.

The New York Times published a shocking article, based on a survey of African Americans aged 25-54 years: an average of six African American women in the United States there is only one African American. This striking disparity is due to the collective prison sentence of a police shooting and many other abuses by the authorities.

Obama admitted during his visit to Poland on 8 July 2016, in his country, African Americans are twice as likely to be victims of police firing.

The fact that the U.S. government condone and encourage racial hunting and racial discrimination.

The Washington Post said that over the past two decades, almost always 26 of 28 investigators, the FBI sided with police in cases of African American victims of police firing. 96% of the 268 cases were unfair.

The head of the task force on issues of the African American Council on human rights of the UN in its statement issued in early July 2016, called the killing of blacks by police a reflection of institutional racism.

While racial discrimination is not limited to African Americans.

Illegal immigrants of Latin American origin, with 11 to 12 million people, you can now call a newly formed slaves. They live from hand to mouth in the southern States, work the land or perform other back-breaking jobs that refuse white. It is obvious that in the near future they will suffer the same fate as African Americans.

The effects of racial discrimination are alarming and in the States themselves.

According to a survey conducted in July 2016, The New York Times in conjunction with CBS, 69% of Americans, compared to 38% in 2015, expressed outrage at the rapidly spreading in the country of racial discrimination.

Very keen chauvinism and racial discrimination, which are antagonistic to the modern era of independence, leads US to separation and death.

The above-mentioned human rights violations in the US are the tip of the iceberg, and they in any case are not accidents, characteristic only for 2016.

Listed criminal offences, which are contrary to human dignity and intelligence, are the inevitable result of democracy American style and social system of the United States, based on the law of the jungle and the extreme individualism.

USA loud advocate of “universal respect for human rights” by publishing “annual reports” which explains the situation of human rights in other countries. However, America can never hide or deny your own situation in this sphere, are the subject of international criticism and condemnation.

Justice loving peoples around the world must raise its voice against the deception imposed on US, and through it to discern the true face of the darkest deserts of the planet and the violators of human rights.