How to quickly and inexpensively refresh your bathroom and make it more stylish

The bathroom in the apartments of ordinary Ukrainians – modest cubby (4-8 square meters). In this case the load is very indiscreet, and that affects its appearance, because of the increased humidity. But to venture into global repair, particularly if the walls and floor tiles may not all. As a rule, a great bathroom renovation we do every 15-20 years. But the restoration or make-up, especially the autumn, before the heating season task is feasible even with a small budget.

How to give a fresh and even a few trendy look of the bathroom, go around with “little blood” (time and financial), we were told the Kyiv interior designers Igor Musienko Oksana Turchin.


Tile floors to restore is quite difficult. If it is possible, as is the case with walls, the appearance can be freshened with paint for grout. The easiest way is to upgrade mats: buy fashionable, large and bright. But laying laminate or linoleum in this room refuse it at all beneath them will accumulate moisture. The ceiling in the bathroom paint with white paint, and glossy is better: reflected light will visually pick it up. However, you can decorate and seamless lining (75 UAH/page). Stay on plain and glossy, then the ceiling will look neat. On the moldings and ceiling decorations in the bathroom forget: visually, they reduce the already small space.


Even in such a tiny room, like the bathroom, furniture that is in disrepair. The cupboard under the sink can be updated by replacing the doors (it will cost 300-400 UAH), or replacing the whole pedestal – from 600 UAH. Whether if it is on the legs: this furniture does not accumulate moisture. If over the sink was a mirror with a shelf – change it to the hinged box with mirror faces: on the open shelves at the mirror we hold every little thing that visually eats up space, and taking into account the reflection of these things in the mirror, the space eaten twice. Mirror Cabinet with lighting (550 UAH) will hide all the details and visually increase the room due to the lighting.


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It is essential to update the space and help a large mirror that can be placed horizontally in the wall of the bathroom over the sink. Be very fashionable today, many designers use to visually enlarge a small bathroom. In this case, for toiletries will ostavite shelves at the level of the sink or in the corner. If space allows, place a wicker or plastic Laundry basket.


Sink and tub can make a very dull appearance, literally in 5 years. Especially if they were bought for little money. Best kept cast iron or ceramic antihistamie and the ancient wash basin with cracks can even attach vintage (exquisitely antiqued) charm to the bathroom. If you have a cracked, but still quite a good sink – replace faucets, choosing the inexpensive option of retro collections (980-3500 UAH). The sink can be replaced and along with a nightstand that might be cheaper: a set of economic-variant – 1100-2500 UAH.

Acrylic bath can be scratched or cracks that acrylic caulk with silicone for baths (65-110 UAH cartridge). They can also seal the joints area of the bath with the wall (the problem area in each bathroom). Only pre-junction clean from fungus and dry – for example, using a hair dryer. Enamel steel or cast iron bath you can refresh with the restoration (700-900 UAH). To upgrade the toilet so easily not work: if there are cracks, it is better to replace. But to give a fresh new look it is possible by replacing the seats (450-800 UAH).

Joints filled with silicone


Painted walls simply re-paint. Especially now that the paint is in Vogue in almost all areas. Choose light shades: dark visually reduce the space. Paint needs to be for wet areas, and even better with anti-fungal additives (150 UAH/l). You can make one wall the accent: for example, three walls beige and one bright terracotta or green. Bathroom tile loses its appearance primarily because of the joints: the joints repaint in a different color – and the wall will sparkle with different colors. This can be done with paint for tile joints (from 115 UAH/spray). Do not be afraid of brightness and experimentation: black mezhplitochny seam on the white tile or gold on blue. Damaged tiles neatly cleave, and the vacant seat stick decorative tiles: this will create a sense of mini-paintings. From decorative PVC lining or plastic on the walls in the bathroom, refrain: underneath start the fungus. In addition, it is not fashionable.


The easiest solution is to update the decor. And it starts with replacing the blinds (130 UAH). She should be a contrast: if the bathroom light find a dark curtain, and Vice versa. Avoid the blind banal small drawings. Buy plain, a little too big: ruffles also adorn.

Replace the floor mats. Now in fashion Mat, matting or old mats – they will give comfort. Put the plugs in the bathroom they belong: choose large, without pattern, like you can on the shelves and in the corner of the bathroom itself. Silicone stickers look tacky, but the shells also in the corners of the bathroom and on the shelves – at the time. Pick bright cups toothbrush holder and soap dispenser. Fashionable trend to decorate a bathroom wall pictures or photographs. Conveniently, if the walls no tiles to hammer a nail easier. Place the two open wall shelves: slide the rollers out of towels, a picture and a couple of marine Souvenirs will transform your bathroom.

Mat in the toilet – fashionable