“Handcuffed me”: English women on the net go crazy a COP-handsome

In the UK gained popularity posts warnings about crime from a young police officer. Ruggedly handsome Jason Statham, to stop criminals, even exposed the inflated torso in a black and white photo session, writes the Daily Mail.

Social networks just exploded with comments from anxious women. In Facebook video popular officer appealed to the public with a request to find drivers of scooters with antisocial behavior, but women are more interested in themselves.

In the review they noted the attractive appearance of the officer, and some women even asked them to arrest, and some ladies joked that broke the law to get close with the officer.


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This video became viral because of the appearance of the police and attention to the man on the part of women. Some girls even joked that, they say, should buy a scooter that the officer put handcuffs on them.

Meanwhile, colleagues of the police said that such behavior would be unacceptable, if you pay attention to comments in Facebook.