A revolution in nutrition: the calorie is named a product that helps to lose weight

It turns out that control weight help nuts. Although until recently, this product is considered to be very high in calories. Now scientists have shown that nuts help to lose weight, according to zhyvyaktyvno.org.

Scientists from Barcelona (Spain) and Sao Paulo (Brazil) conducted a study that evaluated the effect of the Mediterranean diet. As a result of the groups, the diet which included nuts lost more extra inches on the waist than the control group.

And during the research specialists of the University of medical Sciences and Cherskogo University of medical Sciences (Iran) became known: women are overweight, consume almonds, you lose almost three times more weight than those that abstained from nuts.


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And the most interesting, despite the fact that the calorie content of nuts is quite high, scientists from Purdue University (USA) proved that our body does not absorb them completely. The lion’s share of fats remain inside the nut fibres and does not enter the blood. So, for example, 160-170 calories contained in one serving of nuts (28 g), the body absorbs only 129.