Deputies will be “hot” session: what will happen in the Parliament on may 13

In VR the head of the government with the Ministers, will speak and head of the national Bank

Until today, the Verkhovna Rada considered the social protection of doctors, deputies are already preparing a new session of Parliament. Deputy head of the faction “servant of the people” Eugene Kravchuk said that the MPs will meet in Parliament on 13 may. It is planned to consider a number of important issues, to hear the report of the national Bank and to ask questions of the government. She wrote about this in Facebook.

“Preparing for the next extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada. It should be held on Wednesday, may 13. The collection of signatures has begun and today, I’m sure, will have 150 signatures,” she wrote.

The Deputy noted that the meeting promises to be eventful, as the agenda will include 26 questions. She called the key:

  • the banking law which improves the regulation of the procedure of liquidation of banks, mechanism of damages, and the like. His goal, first and foremost, the protection of people and their interests and money that was invested in banks;
  • the bill, which provides for the exemption from taxation of the doctors working with patients at COVID-19. This means that salaries and bonuses will not be deductible taxes – medics on hand will receive more money;
  • bill No. 2166 exemption of entrepreneurs of retirement age from payment of the single social contribution, as well as those entrepreneurs who work in the field of science, literature, culture, medicine;
  • bill on defence procurement. It aims to increase competition in defence procurement;
  • a bill on special procedure of consideration of bills on second reading. This promised changes in the so-called law “on the correction spam”. The document proposes to limit the validity of this law, increases the lower bound to apply a special procedure 500 to 1000 amendments;
  • the draft law on the optimization of the network and the functioning of Centers providing administrative services. For example, people will be able to obtain some documents from the Center for mail. The creation of a Single state web portal, e-services, which can be used even through your smartphone;
  • bill No. 3297, which prohibits banks from charging a penalty fee, fines and penalties for overdue payments on loans in the period of quarantine and a 30-day period after the end of the quarantine;
  • bill No. 3322, which proposes for a period of quarantine to introduce a mechanism to protect it from bankruptcy, which for objective reasons cannot meet its obligations to creditors;
  • a bill to support the creative industries. For example, cultural institutions want to give the opportunity to reduce the fee for the rental property if they were not able to use it because of the quarantine. Provides compensation for partial unemployment for employees in cultural sphere;
  • the report of the Chairman of the National Bank and the Hour of questions to the government. Will ask questions to the Prime Minister, Ministers about how Ukraine will overcome the economic crisis and to restart health reform;
  • Ordinance amending the schedule of the third session of the Verkhovna Rada to may 18, the Parliament returned to work full time, normal operation of the plenary.

Remember, today is Pleased to insured physicians from the coronavirus. Now if a government health worker had contracted the coronavirus, and it has led to disability, will receive a substantial sum of money. Established and compensation in case of death from COVID-19.