Coal from South Africa to Ukraine taking long, but the most safe way: map

To supply coal from South Africa in Ukraine for a long route is safer and cheaper than the route along the Eastern part of Africa. This was stated by Director of DTEK Energy Orest Logunov.

“Why the anthracite is imported to Ukraine a long way? Reveal the secret – it’s safer and cheaper. Looking at the map, we can conclude that the path of coal at the Eastern part of Africa shorter. This is true, but the difference in delivery time is not that great – 23 days vs 25. There is one “but” – the shorter route passes near the Somali Republic. And it is famous for its pirates that like to attack on merchant and cargo ships,” wrote Logunov on his page in Facebook.

Thus, the journey along the East coast of Africa is endangering the sailors and costly burden, said Logunov.

“Besides, this route must agree to the shipowner and the captain. If the answer is affirmative, the shipowner need to minimize the risks – to pay for special insurance to hire special armed guards. Her task is to accompany the ship to the Suez Strait. Cost of this service is 30 thousand dollars. In addition, an expensive vessel’s passage through the Suez canal. For bulk carrier Panamax type, you need to pay about 220 thousand dollars. channel fees. And there is a risk of delay of the vessel for 1-2 days due to the passage of the Suez canal the convoy,” – said Logunov.

“That’s why we use the safest and best for Ukraine way”, – concluded the brain.

We will remind, on July 24 , arrived in Ukraine the second vessel with 75 thousand tons of coal from South Africa. The first vessel with 75 thousand tonnes of anthracite coal for thermal power plants, DTEK arrived in Ukraine on 25 may 2017. The company has contracted 675 thousand tons of coal from South Africa. DTEK also performs translation work of two units of the Prydniprovska TPP with anthracite for the brand of coal gas to reduce Ukraine’s dependence on imported fuel.