First aid kit on vacation: what drugs you should take

Vacation – time, which are looking forward to many people. But in order to rest is not marred by health problems, it is necessary to take care in advance to collect in the way of first aid. Of course, to get quality medical care can be almost anywhere in the world, but some drugs to take will not be superfluous.

Content travel kit depends on several factors: from where you are going to go and what to do, whether you are traveling with children, the presence of chronic diseases, etc. So, if you go to the beach, then you first need to take sun cream or spray, and also means from burns. For a comfortable stay in the middle lane or in tropical countries will be indispensable repellents and remedies, relieves itching after insect bites. If you are going to rest far from civilization or go camping – stock up on antiseptics, bandages, tourniquets and other means for emergency help in case of injuries.

If you are undergoing treatment or regularly take certain medications, they need to take with you in the first place. Moreover, in a travel kit it is better to put with the stock. The same applies to Allergy sufferers and those with frequent pressure changes or heart problems.

If you regularly take any medications, they should be put in a travel kit with the stock. Photo:

Analgesic and antipyretic. Headache, toothache and other types of pain – not the best companion during leisure time. In a travel kit to put a familiar and proven painkillers.

Cough medicines and cold. Also a should take cough medicines, pills for a sore throat and an electronic thermometer. Air conditioning, drafts in transport and acclimatization can lead to colds. And runny nose – a frequent companion of tourists in seaside resorts. To confront it will help a spray or drops.

Means of external use. We are talking about the tools against sunburn, preparations for disinfecting wounds and scrapes and for treating insect bites. It can be ointments, antiseptic, for example, Zelenka in pencil, antibacterial wipes, gels for the treatment of bruises and contusions, cotton wool, bandages and plasters. Also you should take insect repellents, especially if the vacation spot can be a lot of mosquitoes or ticks. For those who intend to spend holidays actively, can be useful elastic bandage and ointment to help with tired legs.

Anti-allergic medicines. Unusual climate, plants and food can cause allergies, even if you never have seen such a reaction of the organism. Allergic reactions can cause insect bites, or perhaps jellyfish.

Remedies for the gastrointestinal tract. Summer intestinal disorders occur frequently, so products that help to get rid of them, it is better to have on hand. Be sure to take with a sorbent which is useful in food poisoning. Also need a drug that will save the body from dehydration, a cure for diarrhea and heartburn. If you are going to edge with unusual foods, take enzymes that improve digestion. They will help after a hearty lunch or tasting exotic dishes.

In the kit you can add the remedy of motion sickness. It will help if you have a long distance journey, cruise or flights, and if you are traveling with a child. For children should definitely take the same combination of drugs, but designed for them.

Road first aid kit can come in handy during the trip. Photo:

Note that if you are going abroad, remember – every country has its own rules of import of medicines. It may be that the drugs available in Ukraine, in any country are sold by prescription only or even banned. As a rule, basic drugs can be imported into other countries without problems, but if you carry a specific drug, it is better to take a prescription or a doctor’s note. In addition, learn the rules of import of various drugs in a particular country to the customs or the Consulate of this country.

In the event of serious health problems during the holidays it is better not to self-medicate, and seek qualified help.