Quickly lifted it isn’t considered fallen: scientists have proven the “five second rule”

British Professor at Aston University in Birmingham Anthony Hilton proved the veracity of the so-called rule of five seconds.

According to this “rule”, food that had fallen on the ground or floor safe to eat if they were raised in for five seconds. This is supposedly due to the fact that any germs that will be able to go for the fallen food during this time will be in such small quantities that they can easily destroy stomach acid.

“Obviously, it is impossible to eat food on which a visible layer of dirt. But from a scientific point of view, if visible signs of contamination, no chance of getting food harmful bacteria in just a few seconds is very small,” explained Hilton.

At the same time, it stipulates that risk when eating food from the earth is: “It doesn’t mean that germs can’t move from the floor for fallen food.”

It is also noted that Hilton conducted a survey among two thousand people, 79% of which said they were not afraid, have fallen groceries and at least once did it.