The riots in Serbia: Embassy reacted strongly to fakie about “Ukrainian trace”

Serbian media said about the involvement of Ukrainian citizens to protest in Belgrade

Ukraine asks the Serbian media not to spread knowingly false information about custom-made nature of the participation of Ukrainians in the protests, who in recent days swept the country.

About it, addressing to journalists of Serbia, said on 10 July in a press-service of the Ukrainian Embassy.

Thus diplomats have responded to the publication of the portal Alo about participation in the protests by “mercenaries of the PMC Blackwater, citizens of Serbia, who participated in military actions in Ukraine against the Russians and residents of the Eastern region.”

The article was published July 9, under the provocative title “the Mercenaries from Ukraine destroyed Belgrade” and spread by Russian and Pro-Russian media in the context of the “Ukrainian scenario” protests.

“The Embassy of Ukraine in Serbia officially States that the Ukrainian state does not interfere in the internal political situation in the Republic of Serbia. The Embassy of Ukraine has no information about the participation of Ukrainian citizens in the recent events in Serbia. The Ukrainian Embassy has the honour to refer to the media of Serbia with an appeal not to spread false information about Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens on the situation in Serbia,” said the diplomats.

Recall that, in addition to journalists, the involvement of Ukrainians to riot and said the foreign Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic. Commenting about the arrest in Belgrade of a citizen of Ukraine, he said that the man came “not as a tourist” and came to the demonstration “is not accidental”.

Protests in Serbia are continuing for the third day. Initially opposing the strengthening coronavirus quarantine, protesters began to demand the resignation of Pro-Russian President Aleksandar Vucic and the government in General.

Demonstration in front of Serbian Parliament permanently degenerated into riots and clashes with law enforcement – several police cars were burned. In the first two days suffered 118 34 police and demonstrators. On the third day, the protest passed off peacefully.

We will remind that last year the Serbs also rebelled against President Vucic, locking his residence and demanded his resignation.