Study: women healthier to give birth after 30 years

A new study conducted by researchers from Portugal, have shown that first births after age 30 among women correlate with the presence of markers of longevity. Early births, on the contrary, undermine women’s health, convinced the experts, reports

The authors of this investigation were doctors from the University of Coimbra, which established a curious relationship between age of women giving birth for the first time, their health and propensity for longevity.

“Women who started their first child later, lived longer than those who gave birth in adolescence or at the age of 20 to 30 years,” stated the Portuguese doctors.


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Scientists examined the results of several scientific studies examining the issue of women’s age in relation to first childbirth. It turned out that among women who gave birth to first child at age 33 or later, some genetic markers associated with longevity, were found three times more often than among mothers who gave birth at a younger age.

In addition, the researchers concluded that women who gave birth at the age close to 30 years, not 20 years, showed better health at age 40. The weakest feeling on the verge of the 40th anniversary, according to scientists, distinguished those who gave birth to her first child in 15-24 years old.

Last year research conducted in Germany and the UK showed that having children at a later age allows to count on more qualified medical help and getting a better education for offspring.