Vassily Ivanchuk: “Once hugged a tree and I hear a voice behind him: “Man, leave me alone, the woman is already gone!”

Famous Ukrainian chess player Vassily Ivanchuk, not long ago became the winner of the world championship in rapid chess in an interview to chess-news spoke about his philosophy of life.

– I believe that people should live in harmony with oneself, the surrounding world. There is a good phrase: “you shall Love your neighbor as yourself.” Of course, it is necessary to take care of your health, it is necessary to have a good spiritual contact with loved ones. Since I don’t believe that my mission in life – something to radically change the world and make some kind of revolution, I understand that in the world there are a lot of good and not so good. And we must learn to protect themselves from what may interfere with or threaten. It is important not harm anyone, unless absolutely necessary, no one is to speak ill. Thank God for every day.

You could do what you listed?

– In General, possible. Of course, there are difficult periods when I even physically feel that something in me is broken and then all the effort is going to somehow come back to normal.

– How do you usually cope with negativity? Because negativity can appear anywhere – from TV, for example…

– By the way, the TV almost never watch, so from there I have the negative does not appear, this problem I decided. And so different. It used to be that if I have something really angry, I just took a notebook, a pen and write whatever comes into my head. And when it all poured out on paper, I felt better. At other times just retire. It is believed that it is sometimes useful to approach the tree, hug it, and how to take the energy of this tree. Of course, better to do it when no one is looking. Because I had such a case. In one of the parks in Lviv, I did it – walked to the tree, hugged and hear a voice behind him: “Man, leave me alone, the woman is already gone!” And I realized that it is better to do without witnesses.

– You have a notebook one?

Yes, such books I have a lot. Everything you want: and chess variants, and all the most different.

– Have you ever wondered what these notebooks may be, and the prices are not?

– Korchnoi even I learned to write in the books. When he was home, I saw that on chess books, some notes. That is, he looks some sort of party and immediately marks that such a move deserves attention. Then for me it was something wild, in my world, and I ask: how are you on books?! To which he replied something like: my books and they want them to do. And even said the following sentence: “moreover, after my death these books with my inscriptions will be of great value.” And since then I also started writing on the books has a good example. Not necessarily in chess, of course, and art too. Read something, all of a sudden I something came to mind – I immediately on the fields recorded. Or said something if he liked the idea.

– And you usually write in Russian or Ukrainian?

– Can write in Spanish and in English, if a phrase came to mind in that language. But usually all the same in Russian and Ukrainian.

– What books to read, what movies to see, what kind of music?

Of course that’s all in the mood. I remember recently I read Herzen’s “Who is guilty?” and the book very much. But from the movies I recently watched “the peaceful warrior” and loved it too. American film about the meaning of life. And I listen to music in the mood, mostly classical. By the way, the music is really like something like yoga to calm down, to get myself right.