Celebrity lifestyle: how to square the beauty of the girls of the duet “Anna-Maria”

These red-haired beauties win from the first sight its charm, a radiant smile and talent. To hear the song of the duet “Anna-Maria” and you will fall in love with their creativity! The question, at what age they began to sing, the twins like to laugh it off: “Since birth”. In childhood, girls were not only in Ukraine but also in Germany, France, Israel, Greece and other countries. And when the sisters turned 17 years old, they were awarded the title “Honored artist of the ARC”. Now 28-year-old star continues to please copyright music and great appearance. Anna and Maria lead a healthy lifestyle, the secrets of which he shared with us.


The secret harmony of Anna and Mary — in the active way of life. “My childhood love of physical activity. Dancing, tumbling, swimming — than just not doing. Even were the Champions of Ukraine for hip-hop! But especially love swimming — probably because I grew up by the sea (the girls were born and long lived in the Crimea. — Ed.)”, — tell the twins. Gym they don’t like, but every morning starts with charging. “It is a rule that cannot be broken! Dedicate 20-30 minutes every day and after a few days you will start to feel better,” says Maria.

Sport. Girls have mastered Golf


They adhere to a healthy diet, but without fanaticism. Every morning they start out with a glass of water with lemon, and eat Breakfast only half an hour. I love Mediterranean cuisine: lots of greens, vegetables, salads, fish and seafood. But, of course, is not without Ukrainian dishes. “In our family, all women cook, and each has its own recipe for borscht,” says Anna. Among the “culinary experiments” girls giving up meat: “It was easy, because we don’t eat a lot of meat dishes. We liked it, but to give up permanently is not yet ready”, — the stars say.

But the diet of the singer are negative. “Starve yourself, in our view, wrong. All should be the measure — confident girls. — We like the statement of Lyudmila Gurchenko: “Want to lose weight — eat all the same, but for less than half a bucket!” And the twins try not to eat after 18:00: it also helps them to stay slim.

Diet. “Every woman in our family — your borscht recipe”


Sometimes the stars and allow myself to relax. “Sometimes, after a hard day of shooting or a concert, we allow ourselves to eat something harmful, such as pizza or a meal from McDonald’s. Once a year may want even instant noodles! And if you really want, you can” — says Maria. The twins also love dark chocolate and enroll themselves in the ranks of covenanat.


  • Three servings of chocolate a week could save you from a stroke – scientists

But the consumption of alcoholic beverages are treated like art: “We, the people of the South prefer to wine and well versed in it, — says Anna. — It is important not how many you’ve had, what, with whom, how and why. This was stated Omar Khayyam”.


Duet “Anna-Maria” — often on concerts, tours, filming and photo shoots. We have to apply professional makeup, due to which the skin suffers greatly. “It may sound strange, but lately we try to do as little as possible procedures for the face — maybe sisters. — Most important — a good tool for removing makeup. Otherwise choose simple cosmetics: baby soap and wash in the morning wipe the skin with ice, cheap day apply a light moisturizer in the summer I use thermal water”. Girls prefer natural cosmetics based on rose, henna, wheat, lemon. “But the best beauty is cosmetic nature! One day out in the fresh air, the best thing you can do for the skin — sure Maria. — Still need to drink fluid in sufficient quantity”.

Face. Suffers from makeup


The twins Anna and Maria always radiant — it seems that they never have a bad mood. And, according to singers, it really is! What is the secret? They love life and people and love what I do. “We need to do what you enjoy, surround yourself with positive people and work on your own thoughts, because they are tangible,” say the sisters. In their opinion, to be beautiful, you need to be happy, it’s reflected on the exterior. “Look at the woman, who is in love with. They Shine from the inside. It is impossible to make cosmetics. Therefore, we wish you to be in love!” — say twins.