Travel tips: how to tip abroad

How much to tip? If in this country do tip? Do I have to pay and that clumsy waiter who spilled beer on You? All travelers were asked these questions.

In the world of 195 countries and almost as many different cultures tip. Find out how best to thank the waiter in the most popular tourist countries.

Russia: “don’t leave money on the table” — Kerstin Kronwall (Kerstin Kronvall), Moscow

“Restaurants always leave a tip, about 10% of the bill. Men sometimes leave a little more, especially in the presence of ladies. In this case, a little bragging seems to be something natural. When you leave a tip, give them personally to the waiter and exchange a few words. The arrogance in such matters is excluded. Russian don’t like to serve others.”

“To leave a tip on the table is considered impolite. If You pay off the card, leave the tea in cash. If You order a taxi through the app, a tip can be included in the account immediately”.

“If You are unhappy with the service, tip you can not leave. You’ll catch on itself frowns and remember the waiters, but You hardly say anything. It is not in Russian.”

USA: “Always let tea” — Hentunen Mika (Mika Hentunen), Washington

“Everywhere it is necessary to leave a tip. When to this amount, add tax and tip, the bill is surprising. The restaurant tip is 10-15% of the price excluding tax. The size of the tip varies depending on the region. For example, in Washington, leave a 15% tip. In hotels and other places should keep a couple of dollars. Disaster will not happen if You do not give money to the doorman, but, of course, wait.”

“The problem of tipping in taxis can be solve automatically if You pay off the card. Of 7, 10 and 15% or more.”

“Several times in the restaurant for one reason or another I didn’t leave a tip. Looked at me reproachfully, but nobody said anything. Every time I left an insufficient number of tips at me like I was something special I watched and sighed. I noticed that the types, cleaning your car window at intersections, do not always take coins. You must have a bill!”

Spain: “In the restaurant — € per person” — Jyrki Palo (Palo Jyrki), Madrid

“In Spain nothing will happen, if a customer leaves without leaving a tip. On the table in the cafe can be put some coins. Any interest in any case to count it is not necessary”.

“If You do decide to leave a tip, the smallest coin should be left in the pocket. Of course, it all depends on the cost of purchases. If coffee is 1.3 euros, on the counter, it is possible to leave 20 cents.”

“In the restaurant leave the Euro. Would be nice to keep for three of four euros. In Madrid, in tourist areas, practice can be a little different. To tips there are used to, but there is no such requirement”.

“If the level of service You are not satisfied, the tip can not leave where ever You are in Madrid or in Mallorca”.

Turkey: “For the whole week staying at this hotel you need to tip once” — Sanna Raita-Aho (Sanna Raita-aho), Istanbul

“Tips occupy a Central place in Turkish culture of life. The salary of waiters is low, and tips make up a large part of their earnings. Usually in restaurants and cafes leave about 10% of the bill. Some leave a tip in a taxi, but it is not necessary in restaurants.”

“The change in restaurants can bring coins and small bills that the customer will easily leave a tip. If you pay by card, the tip can be left in cash.”

“You will wait for a tip, but no special regulations on this score. For example, students do not always leave a tip. Of course, if the tourist will leave without leaving a tip, good to see. In hotels, tipping for each service is not necessary to leave. At the end of the holiday the cleaner and other employees of the hotel you can leave a tip for the entire period of Your stay. In the bar drinks too leave a tip just once.”

Greece: “From the beginning of the economic crisis on the tea began to leave less” — Sara Saur-Couples (Sara Saure-Souflas), Athens

In Greece it is not necessary to leave a tip. A very long time during the holidays in the bill included a 10% tip, but it has become history.

If the tip and leave, we are not talking about large sums. In a cafe or restaurant before leaving, you can leave a few coins. Of course, in very expensive restaurants, this amount may be more.

“The economic crisis has affected the culture of tipping. Before people could write a little more, but now that no one is waiting. In the midst of the crisis, some restaurant owners even offer waiters work for tips alone!”

Britain: “Confusion with the tip” — Myohanen Pasi (Pasi Myöhänen), London

“In cafes and pubs leave a tip is not necessary. In restaurants the bill is often added to 12.5% of the amount. If this percentage is already included in the bill, tipping is not necessary. However, you can leave extra money. The problem is that these amounts are not always marked in the score. Especially often this occurs in newly opened restaurants. Then it is considered that the client will pay an additional 10-12% to the final invoice”.

“Some customers prefer to tip directly to the waiter, because it is automatically included in the invoice amount does not always goes to the waiter. In the UK are often reported in the news that some employers will send a tip to your bill.”

“In principle, the tip can be waived if You have been treated really bad. In practice, this could start a real mess, and this will certainly have to speak with the Director of restaurant”.