How often should I change combs, toothbrushes and towels

That toiletries like toothbrush, or washcloths need from time to time to change, they know everything. How often to do it, writes


Replacement frequency comb depends on many different factors (quality of the comb and the material from which it is made, the type of hair, amount used styling products, etc.), however, the average dermatologists recommend doing this at least 1 time in 6 to 12 months.

Don’t forget that regular replacement of the comb does not negate the basic rules of care of it: wash your hairbrush at least 1 time per week and remove her hair and remains of styling products after each use.


To maintain oral hygiene, the doctors recommend changing toothbrushes as wear of the bristles, but not less than 1 time in 3-4 months. Often should you change toothbrushes to children and people with immune diseases and diseases of the oral cavity. You also need to get rid of your old toothbrush after an illness.


It is noteworthy that dermatologists recommend to opt out of these hygiene items, as they are the downright ideal environment for the spread of harmful microorganisms.

If you can’t imagine a shower without your favorite sponge, here are a few simple rules of care for her.

Daily dry washcloth.
— Don’t use a loofah after shaving.
— Never wash with a sponge, face and private parts.
— Wash the sponge about once a week.
— Regularly change the sponge: 1 every 2 months for pads of synthetic material, 1 every 3-4 weeks for pads made from natural materials.

Bed linen

The average person daily highlights in the dream, about 250 milliliters of sweat. Add to this the dead skin cells, dust mites, various kinds of fungi and understand that your bed is not as clean and cozy as it seemed. That is why experts advise to change bed linen at least once a week and if you sleep naked or too lazy to take a shower before sleep, then even more often.

Razor blades

Strictly speaking, changing blades when they are poorly-slip grip and remove the hairs. However, like any other object in the bathroom, razors accumulate dead skin cells, bacteria and residues of cosmetics. All this may in contact with skin causes irritation (think of a nasty red dots that appear after shaving).

Therefore, on average, experts advise to change the blade after every 5-7 uses. To prolong the razor’s life, it is necessary to rinse it with hot water and store in a dry place.

Bath towels

Despite the fact that you are using a bath towel after a shower, it still remain dead skin cells and representatives of the skin microflora, which in conditions of high humidity in bathroom spread very quickly.

That’s why experts recommended to wash bath towels after every 3-4 uses.

Hand towel

Thorough and regular hand washing is one of the main tenets of personal hygiene. However, equally important is how you dry your hands. Since hand towels are used more often and more people than bath, and to change them at least every couple days (every day in large families), or to use paper. The latter, incidentally, many doctors consider the most hygienic method of drying hands.

Face towel

The skin of the face and neck are more sensitive than body skin, so experts suggest, first, to have a separate towel for the face, and secondly, change them often than ordinary towels. Ideally this should be done every day.

A tip for those who are not thrilled with the constant washing: instead of a towel blot the face with a cotton pad or paper towel. Simple, hygienic and does not require much effort and money.