The author of “compromising of the Russian Federation” on trump’s run for media

Former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, who is considered the author of the recently published document on alleged Russia “compromising” on elected President of the USA of Donald trump, he feared for his life and started to run. It is reported by British newspaper the Daily Telegraph, reports “Correspondent”.

“52-year-old Christopher Steele hastily left his home in Surrey on Wednesday morning, when he realized that his name would soon become known to the public”, – writes the edition.

A source close to Touch, told the newspaper that “he is afraid of quick and potentially dangerous retaliation of Moscow”. According to the publication, by Wednesday evening his wife and children who previously worked in British intelligence MI-6 Steele also was not home.

As reported, the American intelligence has secret documentssubmitted to US President Barack Obama and President-elect, Donald Trump, which contain the assertion that the Russians have compromising information about the personal lives and financial activities of trump.

The trump calls messages about “compromising” him from Russia fake information and a political witch hunt.

In turn, the Kremlin believes that the dissemination of information about the presence of Russian special services “compromising” trump is trying to harm bilateral relations and fake.