Ukrainian AvtoKrAZ established a new car

The Kremenchug automobile plant presented a new model — avtotraktor MEUSE-330. The novelty made on the basis of already known KrAZ-6322, but avtotraktor can perform both transport and field work, reports Agroprod.

The machine is created in a single copy, but if there is interest in such a technique, it will put into mass production.

The exhibition was presented. MEUSE-330 mounted with the body for spreading fertilizer and of plows and other agricultural equipment attachments.

The base of KrAZ-6322 is provided with a shaft, an additional charge under the plow, etc. and can perform a lot of agricultural work. For example, the KrAZ could work with 5-hull plough, sow, fertilize, spray, etc. Margin, Etc., and its permeability make it the insistence of agrogorodok.

The cost of the KrAZ-6322 MEUSE-330 is 73800 dollars without considering the body. The cost of solid fertilizer spreader – 200 000 UAH. On the market it will compete with foreign 936 Fendt, Massey Ferguson 7926 and domestic HTZ-17221.