Mueller convened the Grand jury

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller convened a Federal Grand jury in Washington — it is needed to help him to gather information in the investigation of Russian interference in the elections of 2016 and a possible conspiracy with participation of three representatives of the electoral headquarters of the trump. This was told three of the sources knowledgeable about the investigation.

Muller uses the Grand jury from Washington and from Alexandria (Virginia). The latter is already involved in the investigation, said the people, who asked not to reveal their names due to the sensitivity of the issue.

During a speech in West Virginia on Thursday, the President again criticized the investigation, calling it “absolute fiction”. A Grand jury helps the prosecutors to determine whether to present the accused with criminal charges or to issue a guilty verdict. The jury may issue a warrant for the seizure of documents, and subpoenas to witnesses who have to testify under oath and facing responsibility for providing false information. It is not clear whether the beginning of the Grand jury of Washington, the interviewing of witnesses.

Office Mueller declined to comment, as reported in his letter to his representative Joshua Stuv. On Thursday The Wall Street Journal reported the involvement of the special Prosecutor, a Grand jury in Washington. Ty Cobb, special counsel to the President, said in a statement issued by the White house that he did not know that Mueller had gone to a Grand jury in Washington. “The Grand jury thing, usually secret,” said Cobb. “The white house stands for everything that will lead to a quick and fair result” and “committed to fully cooperate with Mueller,” he said. He said that “we have no reason to believe” that trump personally is under investigation.

John fourth official’s Board shows that are not official White house lawyer, but representing trump, said that he had not received any information from the Grand jury, and added: “President trump is not under investigation”.

In recent weeks, Muller has expanded the scope of its investigation to explore a broad range of transactions trump and his employees, said a person who knows the details of the investigation.

Business transactions

Investigators are also studying the business when his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who is now White house adviser, and former chief of staff trump the Sex of Manafort say two other people familiar with the investigation.

All interlocutors spoke about the investigation on condition of anonymity.

Mueller also asked the White house to save all the messages related to the incident in June 2016 meeting in which the President’s eldest son Donald trump Jr., Kushner and Manafort talked with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and Russian-American lobbyist and former officer of Soviet intelligence Rinat by Deputy PM of Tatarstan.

The investigation against Russia leads trump in a rage. It is often provoked anger on Twitter and the comments. At a meeting Thursday night in West Virginia he told the happy crowd that assumptions about the collusion with Russia are “absolute fiction” and that it “warms” the Democrats, outraged by the defeat in the November elections.

“The reason the Democrats are talking only about this totally fabricated Russian history, is that they have neither his letters, nor specific plans, no vision, — said trump. They are trying to deprive you of the leader of the fraud, with fake stories, degrading all of us and — most importantly — degrading our country and the Constitution.”

The problem both parties

But it’s not just about Democrats. Concern about the fact that trump wants to replace Muller, was an incentive for both parties in the Senate. They have prepared a bill that “would allow judicial review” if the special Prosecutor will be dismissed. According to one of the proposals (the authors of which were Republican Tom Tillis and Democrat Chris coons), if the jury will not find legitimate reasons for the dismissal of spectacular, he will be immediately reinstated.

“In my opinion, this reflects the broader concerns of both parties the likelihood that the President will take inadequate action for intervention in the ongoing — and important — the work of Bob Mueller,” Koons told reporters.

Another bill proposes to allow to make decisions on dismissal of spectracolor only the Prosecutor General or acting Prosecutor General. It also introduces mandatory verification of such actions by a panel of Federal judges. The amendments introduced by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Senator Cory Booker, Democrat of new Jersey.

Koons told reporters that he will contact Graham Booker and the Judicial Committee of the Senate to work together.

As noted by the Koons, the plans of the Senate to conduct a “formal” sessions during the August recess may allow senators to take actions in case trump decides to make an attack on Mueller in the absence of the legislators.

Lawmakers from both parties alarmed after trump began to publicly criticize Muller. Legal team of the President is investigating potential conflicts involving some investigators Muller. Among them is the question of whether he donated money to the campaign of the candidate in presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton. Trump has also publicly warned that the Mueller investigation into the finances of the presidential family would be unacceptable.