How to remove double chin at home: ten simple exercises

To get rid of ugly folds under the lower jaw seek women and men. Some cosmetic defect appears in 30-35 years, causing the jaw line drops, the face looks older than his age. Simple home exercises to remove double chin or prevent its occurrence, according to

Usually cosmetic defect associated with natural age-related changes in the body. The skin loses moisture and elasticity. An impact heredity and lifestyle. The sagging skin under the lower jaw results in an incorrect posture, stay a long time with bowed head, for example, sleep on a high pillow, reading or working at the table.


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The need to remove the second chin can be associated with insufficient intake of salt. Its deficiency stimulates the production of saliva, which to the salivary glands are supplied with more blood, its weight pulls the skin under the lower jaw and cheeks and neck.

In some cases, the chin must be removed due to dysfunction of the small intestine. About them also signal the difficulty in turning the head from one shoulder to the other in the mouth and on the lips appear sores, a sore throat and in the abdomen. Long time keep the perfect shape of the chin will help mask, massage, and regular exercises to strengthen and maintain muscle tone.

Exercises to get rid of double chin

These exercises performed at home can help to eliminate sagging skin, to train the muscles of the neck. Typically, each need to perform five or six times, gradually increase the number to 10-12.

To quickly get rid of double chin is to perform these exercises two to three times a day:

  • Sitting on a chair, push the lower jaw and tilt the head to feel in the problem area tension. To hold for two or three seconds the moment of maximum tension, to relax. You stick out your tongue for two to three seconds to hide the language. To lower your head down to relax the muscles. Gradually increase the interval maximum voltage, bringing it up to 10-15 seconds.
  • Clench your teeth and press your tongue two or three seconds at the front and the back of the palate, gums, to strain the muscles at the bottom of the face. Gradually increase the duration of pressure from the language and the pace.
  • Place the hand under the lower jaw. To remove double chin, push your palms upwards and giving the mouth open (the skull retains a fixed position). Linger for two or three seconds, slowly close your mouth. With each lesson to increase the delay time and tempo exercises to get rid of double chin.
  • Try protruding tongue to touch the tip of the nose.
  • Standing to place the crossed palms under the chin. To push them upwards, trying to throw back, but not throwing back his head. To keep the static muscle tension for five seconds. Then relax and tilt your head forward.
  • To press palms to the back of his head, trying to tilt, but not tilting the head forward. Hold the muscle tension for five seconds. Hands down, relax the muscles.
  • Lie on your back, arms along the body. Tear the head from the floor to linger for five seconds, return to starting position.
  • Sitting on a chair, lower head down. On the inhale arcuate movement, bowing his head to the right shoulder, raise your chin up to feel underneath tension. Repeat for the other side.
  • Sitting, slightly raise your chin and turn your head left and right. When performed correctly, this exercise should be felt in the tension of the skin under the lower jaw.
  • In the sitting position place crossed palms in front at the base of the neck to large fingers were on her sides. To shift a little bit the skin to make it taut. To smile widely with closed lips, eyes directed upwards. Put your head back to feel the muscle tension in the neck and under the chin. Linger for three seconds, return to starting position. Repeat this exercise for getting rid of double chin, turning his head tilted to the left and right shoulder.
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