The inauguration, divided the country

The date of Donald trump as President of the United States became a day of celebrations and protests in Washington. While hundreds of thousands of audience witnessed in the capital for the inauguration ceremony and at the festive parade on Pennsylvania Avenue, thousands of protesters clashed with police and tried to block access to the Washington Mall — a giant field in the center of the city, where the assembled spectators. The inauguration ceremony and the reaction to it demonstrated once again a serious split in American society — such conclusion was made by many American commentators.

The inauguration of the presidents of the United States — a symbol of the legitimate, democratic change of power in the country — usually translates into a great holiday for all Americans, when differences are forgotten at least for one day, and irreconcilable ideological enemies-the legislators gather on the steps of the Capitol, turned into a platform to welcome new head of state with applause. This time on the main podium of the country was empty space a few dozen congressional Democrats. 67 legislators, about one-third of Democrats in the House of representatives, announced his intention to boycott the inauguration ceremony of Donald trump because of fundamental ideological and political differences with the new President of the United States.

Immediately after the inaugural speech of Donald trump some lawmakers were quick to make public their attitude to the first speech of the President of the trump. It was sharply negative for the Democrats and, by and large, positive for the Republicans. “I was hoping to get from the President a few more inspiring picture of the future” — complained to an influential democratic Senator mark Warner. “President trump did not want to unite the country or to appeal to all Americans. He continues to insist on his vision of patriotism,” said the democratic Congressman Gerry Connolly, one of those who boycotted the inauguration of Donald trump. “I think it was a good strong statement about what he wants to do for Americans,” welcomed the speech trump’s Republican Senator John Thune. “I believe that Donald trump was appropriate to put the interests of Americans in the center of politics, internal and external,” said Republican Tom cotton.

The speech itself trump, which he, unlike his predecessors-presidents, he wrote and kept secret from his surroundings until the last minute, contained the thesis, familiar from his campaign speeches and the speech at the Republican national Convention, where he presented the picture of a country in decline and require a good shake-up.

Donald trump during the inauguration, spoke on behalf of the electorate, those whom he during the campaign called the “forgotten” Americans, those who, as he put it, lives in another, unknown to the Washington establishment reality. Where poverty reigns, where the closed factory look. where the schools, which spent huge money, let the ignorant people, where crime reigns. All this will end, said the new President. Now in the interests of America and its citizens will be put at the forefront. He promised to protect US from the “devastation” caused to other countries that “produce our products, steal our companies, destroying our jobs.” He promises to build new “bridges, airports, tunnels, Railways”. “We will follow two rules: buy American products and hire Americans,” said Donald trump. In foreign policy the President trump talked about friendship and good feelings towards other countries. “We will not try to impose their way of life… We will strengthen old alliances and build new, we will join the civilized world in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism,” the President said trump. He finished his speech with a call for unity: “When America is United, America is unstoppable”.

Miscellaneous provisions this speech was immediately subjected to different interpretations. For example, influential conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer, a critic of Donald trump, believes that the foreign policy of the installation of the new President will scare many allies and trading partners, because, judging by the speech, he examines relationships in the context of the confrontation. What is not less authoritative conservative commentator, former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton, said during an interview to Foxnews:

— Trump made it clear, for example, that he intends to strengthen old alliances and develop new ones. Anything close to isolationism. He announced that he intends to unite the world with the aim of destroying radical Islamic terrorism. In terms of his thesis that we do not intend to impose on the world our way of life, this idea dates back to the founding fathers of America, for example, John Quincy Adams. But in order to carry out these plans, the United States needed a strong international position. I think he is moving in this direction, — said John Bolton.

According to the interlocutor of Radio Liberty, political analyst Richard Weitz at the Hudson Institute of Washington, inaugural speech Donald trump was markedly different from the speeches of his predecessors:

— Noticeable difference in this speech from the speeches of the other presidents was that he wasn’t talking about the need to strengthen international laws, he’s not talking about support for human rights or civil liberties. He only said that we will cooperate with the world, but it will put America’s interests at the forefront. He promises to implement the policy and to conclude agreements that are beneficial to the United States and not necessarily best for others. I wouldn’t call this speech isolationist or internationalist. It is simply different from what we have seen in the past.

— You in whose ranks: optimists or pessimists about the new presidency?

In which I am expert, U.S.-Russian relations, I expect to improve bilateral relations, at least in the short term, because Moscow can appeal to statements by Donald trump that the United States will not impose on others their way of life, or the fact that he didn’t say anything about universal democratic values. Indeed, in the last decade, the Russian side has constantly objected to this approach the United States. I suspect that trump and Putin will continue to make compliments to each other, it is possible that it will be found a common ground in Syria. I’d even suggested the possibility of some new reboot, although it is difficult to predict how stable it will be, says Richard Weitz.

As the American economist, employee of the research organization the Atlas society’s Edward Hudgings, in his speech, Donald trump just repeated ideas that were popular in his electorate will look like the real policy of the new President, while early to speak:

During the presidential campaign, it has repeatedly said that the enemies of the trump took his statement literally, but not take him seriously, while his supporters take him seriously, but did not take his statements literally. That is, they did not pay serious attention to his specific prescriptions, but believed in his promise of change. And I personally perceive the speech of Donald trump as a public rejection of the economic policies of the last eight to ten years. How it will look in its own policies, it is difficult to say, despite such statements. For example, it is impossible to imagine the United States, which refuses to import, and Americans who will buy products made only in the USA. In this sense, the President trump or incorrectly, in my opinion, assesses the role of international trade, or holds something else in mind. For example, if they are busy solving the problems of manipulation by some States the rates of their currencies or will focus on negotiating bilateral trade agreements to the detriment of multilateral, it can bring positive results. Restriction of import of foreign goods into the United States or the imposition of import tariffs unlikely to help the us economy, but, say, if he is able to achieve China’s refusal of the discriminatory policies against American goods and capital in the long term it will result in benefit not only for Americans but also for Chinese.

Close the Republican party, The Wall Street Journal, calling the inaugural speech of Donald trump “loud populist Manifesto”, which will please his voters, writes that by nature, these speeches are a statement of the objectives, not the software platform. “The irony of the situation is that for successful management of the country he will need the help of many of those people who stood behind him on the podium of the Capitol. Let’s hope that the 45th President will get the wisdom to realize it.” The newspaper was referring to those lawmakers who symbolizes Washington, those in which the new President promised to take power and transfer it to the people.