Scientists have explained why is bad to sleep more than 8 hours

Sleeping too much is just as harmful as not to fill up, say experts at Oxford University. For example, it was recently shown that sleep duration of more than nine hours gives you nightmares. At this duration a person spends more time in REM sleep, writes “Orthodox”.

And this phase is most often the person visited by nightmares. Fortunately, the duration of sleep has nothing to do with how terrible the nightmare may be a dream.

The experts analyzed the duration of sleep and dreams 846 people. We also considered the severity of the nightmares, their frequency over the past two weeks, stress, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, alcohol consumption.

It turned out, anxiety, hallucinations, paranoia was directly associated with the frequency of nightmares and their weight.

Themselves nightmares disrupt sleep, enhancing already existing mental health problems. By the way, in contrast to previous research, British scientists revealed the relationship of nightmares and alcohol.