The TOP 5 priorities of the Cabinet to 2020: Groysman told about the plans

The Cabinet has a plan for the development of Ukraine until 2020, which lists the main five priorities of the government. This was told Prime Minister Vladimir Grisman at the government meeting, reports NewsOne.

According to him, the main areas to be addressed by the government, economic growth, organization governance, human resource development in the country, the issues of defence and security as well as social program.

“This plan provides exactly what we will do in the economy to make it grow, as will improved management in our country, in every level of government was more professional, what do we do in the field of security and defence, how are we going to develop human capital and how we will provide service to make people feel how they live, how will we improve social standards and so on,” – said Groisman.

Also Volodymyr Groysman named the main priorities of the budget for 2017. Next year special attention will be paid to raising the standard of living of Ukrainians.