How to get a good seat on the plane

One experienced traveler has shared good (and surprisingly affordable) Council, which at a small load of the aircraft can provide you with three chairs for personal use.

“When I fly alone, I just book the ticket in economy class in the center row of three seats. This usually means that no one wants to sit next to me when you can choose any empty seat. If it is a pair, they don’t want to split up. With the help of this trick you will get a number at their disposal. And if you raise the armrests, will, in fact, a giant sofa, which is much wider than the seats in first and business classes”.

When you are flying as a couple, you can use a similar advice: “Buy one seat near the window and the other near the aisle. So the chair in the center, likely to remain empty. Few people want to get in between two strangers”.


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