To arm the Ukraine is silly, anyway

Received a new offer on arms of Ukraine:

“The Pentagon and the US state Department has developed plans supplies to Ukraine anti-tank missiles and other weapons waiting for approval from the White house, according to U.S. officials. Meanwhile, Kiev continues to fight with the separatists, supported by Russia and relations between Moscow and Washington hang in the balance.

American military officials and diplomats say the weapons, which they described as a means of defense, designed to deter aggressive actions of Moscow, which is said to be the US and others supplied tanks and other sophisticated weapons, and has also provided military advisers to the rebels fighting against the Kiev government”.

Arming Ukraine is a bad and ridiculous idea for all the reasons that I voiced earlier. Supporters of arms supplies believe that they will serve as a deterrent, but this step will almost certainly be perceived as a provocation and would be reason for more aggressive behavior on the part of Russia and its puppets. Security of Ukraine will not increase, and the US and without that are not required to assist in its protection, but the problem of this proposal is that it has nothing to contribute to the security of the United States or its allies. Some of our major European allies, including Germany and France, and I know it has in the past opposed such ideas.

The supply of arms to Ukraine would resume, and the escalation of the conflict, however, and deepening the participation of the United States. This would provoke opposition from Russia and will further drag US into a conflict that absolutely does not affect our vital interests. If Russia will react accordingly, or more aggressively the United States will not be able to convincingly threaten to application of the oncoming blow, as Russia will always have much more importance than for us. The white house should reject the misguided proposal to send weapons to Ukraine.

PS Leonid Bershidsky explains the unjustified this idea:

“After over two years, the parties tried to abide by the demarcation lines (except for minor interventions), supply Ukraine with lethal weapons impractical from a military point of view, if only the United States does not seek to contribute her efforts to return in the structure of “people’s Republic”. It would be a mistake. Although Russia does not have the resources to capture and hold the Ukraine, while continuing to exercise caution in relation to other military threats, money, firepower and determination to protect the separatist entities she has plenty of it.”