Sözcü (Turkey): the use of buttermilk for the body in summer

Ayran is not just a mixture of yogurt and water! This drink compensates for the loss of salt caused by sweating, helps digestion, normalizes sleep and has many useful properties. A specialist in the field of food engineering Orhan Kaplan (Orhan Kaplan) spoke about the Ira as one of the most useful drinks in the summer months, and also about how looks like a properly-made ayran and the need to drink in the summer.

In addition to calcium and protein, yogurt also contains such minerals and vitamins as phosphorus, potassium, A, B2, B6, B12, D. Also, unlike milk, yogurt is low in lactose, so this drink is suitable for those who suffer from lactose intolerance and cannot consume milk.

Properly prepared ayran has nemuna milky colour, luster, characteristic sweet smell, slightly sour taste, very liquid, without accumulation of fat on the surface and a homogeneous structure with shaking. The drink should not be too salty. So, why do you need to drink ayran in summer? What happens in our body when drinking this beverage? Here’s why…

Compensate for the loss of salts caused by sweating

During the summer period as a result of sweat our body loses water and salts called electrolytes. Ayran is one of the most important drinks to compensate for losing substances and restore the balance because it contains minerals and water in its composition.

Thirst quencher

Yogurt, being a dairy product, stored in the refrigerator. When used in hot weather tea cools, helps to balance body temperature and thirst quencher.

Has a relaxing effect

Yogurt helps to relieve the fatigue that occurs after loss of moisture and minerals in the result of perspiration, and calm the nervous system because of its muscle-relaxant functions.

Helps to balance blood pressure

One of the adverse conditions in hot weather is a drop in blood pressure due to the expansion of blood vessels. Drinking a sufficient amount of ayran, you can prevent this situation and increase the body’s resistance.

Normalizes sleep

The increase in the duration of daylight, change in hours of sleep and Wake in the summer, can lead to hormonal imbalance and have a negative impact on sleep quality. Regular consumption of buttermilk, rich in B vitamins, will help to overcome these problems.

Gives the feeling of satiety, facilitates diet

This year home-isolation of coronavirus pandemic, caused many people to think about how to lose kilos from the amount of food eaten in the absence of opportunities to play sports. Ayran is an indispensable part of the summer diet as it contains calcium and amino acids that contribute to burning excess fat and protein, which gives the feeling of fullness.

Has a probiotic effect

Yogurt includes probiotics, making as it normalizes the intestinal flora and strengthens the immune system. When eating out with the onset of summer and overcome the pandemic — and it’s a habit that we really missed during isolation — yogurt because of its probiotic action also serves as an important “seat belts” safety digestion.