Working without sleep and rest Vladimir Putin will enjoy “a short fishing” on the way to the far East

Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose busy schedule even during the summer holiday season, enjoy a short fishing trip in the Siberian mountainous region.

According to the Agency “Interfax”, the press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov said: “Today in the afternoon President Vladimir Putin flew to the far East, where, on 3 August in the Amur region and 4 August in Buryatia planned a number of activities”.

He added that Vladimir Putin plans to make the road a two-day stop in southern Siberia.

Earlier a press-the Secretary reported that the President has not scheduled the weekend before September.



Southern Siberia — a vast inaccessible mountainous area bordering China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

The Russian President is known that prefer to stay active and loves to play such sports as Hiking, fishing, as well as judo and hockey.

His image of a healthy leader is an important tool of state control, as he continues his long period of leadership in the age of 64 years.

Vladimir Putin, who has been in power for a third term, plans to run for a fourth term in March next year.

This is not the first time a President immersed in the taiga forests of South Siberia. In July 2013, he spent his summer vacations fishing with Sergei Shoigu in the highlands of Tuva Republic, near Russian-Mongolian border.

At the time, the news that Vladimir Putin has set a world record of having caught a pike weighing 21 kilograms, has become a hotly debated topic that caused much controversy.

During the “Direct line with Vladimir Putin” in June, the President shared that the river fish, which he caught in the Tyva Republic, the biggest fish ever to be seen there.