Do the salaries of Ukrainians – poll

Salary is an important issue, which largely affects the choice of a particular sphere, of the company and of the group. In addition, it is an important factor that affects the performance of duties by the employee, and his attitude to the employer.

International HR portal learned do the salaries of Ukrainians.

At the initial stage of the dialogue between the employer and the applicant, among other conditions, cooperation (work schedule, duties, etc.) is just a question regarding pay. Here, in addition to the amounts discussed the payment date: this can be once a month, twice a month (advance payment and wages), the payment for the project, and the like.

According to the agreement a person can plan your budget, pay the bills, expenses, savings, and accordingly, for something to count on.

Over the past six months 65% percent of Ukrainians wages were paid on time, without delay. However, 10% of respondents were less lucky – they always delay payments. In addition, 9% of respondents the issue of wage arrears is critical, because sometimes they too have to wait for a reward for his work. But 16% of those who answered the question “have Detained the salary in the last 6 months?” noticed that it very rarely, but still delayed payments.

The survey showed that more than half of Ukrainians get paid on time and in full.