The Telegraph (UK): why have Putin best home equipment for communication in isolation mode and how to assemble your own kit

In 2003, I fell under the spell of the game Second Life (“Second life”) — “virtual online world”, whose users hid their real human forms, creating a personalised digital avatars and seeing them as “enhanced expression” improved yourself.

Scruffy unshaven computer geeks had the opportunity to develop athletically stacked with delightful elves, fluttering in this digital virtual world like gods. Among the millions of inhabitants of Second Life was a huge number of characters, similar as two drops of water on brad pitt, and many luxurious, like Amazons girls is surprising, given that computer games are more often played by men.

However, the goal was not to create a reflection of the real world. The aim was to anonymous interaction with other characters and trade in order to earn as many online currency — Linden dollars.

I loved Second Life, but I made one fatal mistake: while the digital avatars of other users is usually represented a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michelangelo’s David, I took a chance and made your character look like yourself (balding, overweight and suffering with imperfect posture).

It is not surprising that in his “second life” I was not more popular than the first. When my friends made fun of me because I’m a pathetic loner, conducting for many hours a day hunched over a laptop in his empty bedroom, the rest.

Since then 17 years have passed. Whether my friends were right then? In our lives before the threat covid-19 — call it Covid-19 Life — we all have become avatars that each new day spend hunched over laptops in chistilishe their empty bedrooms, continuously talking to and earning digital Zoom pounds — quite “hygienic” money (but hoping that it was gold).

In Covid-Life 19 only the closest members of my family can see my physical incarnation — mostly at the dining table. As for clothes for my physical incarnation, my stitched custom suit is still languishing at the tailor waiting for the moment when the authorities finally allowed the process to complete its fit on my figure.

But — as in the game Second Life — some inhabitants Covid-19 Life much better than the rest up to the task of self-presentation. Compare, for example, poor Boris Johnson, almost lying on the back, so that the frame was only his head, with Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin, which use completely different level.

The Russian leader has the best set of equipment: a big screen in front of him for video conferencing Zoom in, the second monitor to the left of it to work, and two video cameras (I assume so that he could choose between the General and close-up).

Those world leaders who understand these things, appreciate it. Since the coronavirus forced the leaders to abandon many of the usual status symbols, now there is a need to search for new attributes. Luxury audio-visual system is just what you need: it’s expensive, and from it emanates the highest quality and functionality (the standard argument in favor of buying a Rolls-Royce instead of Nissan Micra).

Fortunately, the issue of video calls there are many opportunities to improve the quality, as it has been proved that low sound quality is very tiring — it “loosens the fillings in the teeth,” said Donald Feige (Donald Fagen), founder of the group Steely Dan. Low quality video that is recorded via the plastic lenses the camera on your laptop has at least irritating effect. Audio recorded with a cheap microphone, is sharp and flat. It is not surprising that video calls we all seem to be very tedious.

Unfortunately, most developers laptop never assumed that video calls will become one of the most important modes of use of our computers. The cost of the laptop consists primarily of the cost of his processor, motherboard, memory and monitor, such as the required attributes of life in Zoom — webcam, microphone, and analog-to-digital Converter, which converts digital code into audioware is usually cheap components, the price of which at best is a couple of dollars.

Fortunately, all this can be remedied, even without having at his disposal the budget of the President. A decent condenser microphone will make your audio sounding and gives you more persuasive during calls (add to that a pop filter to control plosives and sibilant sounds, and you’ll sound like a professional announcer).

Attach external webcam good quality with glass lenses. And then turn off the tiny built-in speakers on your laptop instead of them buying a high-quality analog-to-digital Converter, which must be connected to your home stereo. The result of your communication in a mode of videoconferences will cease to be tedious.