The destruction of enemy myths about the “Neptune” and the powerful “Alder” as an optimum: interview with Oleg Korosteleva (Defense Express? Ukraine):

Around the missile complex “Neptune”, which has already completed state trials, has already formed a few myths. Their destruction was engaged in Defense Express, talking to chief designer GCCB Luch Vladimir Korostelev, who also spoke on the possibilities of establishing a more long-range version of the missile system “Alder”.

Myths about the “Neptune”

Since the advent of the first photos of the R-360 “Neptune” in 2015, the Kremlin propaganda began a massive information attack, trying to discredit the development of Ukrainian cruise missiles.

From the outset, the Kremlin began to propagate the myth of the similarity of the R-360 with even the Soviet Kh-35, which is now on arms of the Russian army in the complex “Ball”. In fact it’s a copy, so nothing to worry about.

Just in the Kremlin had to think of something to explain to the population, as Ukraine has managed for several years to create what the Soviet Union is gone twenty years, so he created the missile X-35. And its integration into a complex of coastal defense was ranked in the Russian Federation about ten years.

Indeed, the R-360 has some common features with the X-35. But X-35 has much in common with the American Harpoon, French Exocet, the Japanese ASM-2, the Swedish RBS-15, Sea Eagle, British, Turkish and many other Atmaca anti-ship missiles.

“All anti-ship missiles built by the same scheme. They have a starting engine to accelerate the rocket after launch, and then turn on boosters. They are all built by conventional aerodynamic models — the front wings behind the wheels. Because it is the most successful and proven solutions.

But they are all completely different — different homing heads, engines, body parts, altimeter… Set of drawings on the launch is always unique. And “Neptune” is the same unique missile of its own design,” — said during an interview with Defense-Express, General designer — General Director of KB “the Beam” Oleg Korostelev.

Another myth of the Kremlin — Ukraine can’t produce “Neptune” series, they say, build it in single copies only for demonstration launches. At the same time, according to the plans of command of naval forces of VSU, the first division LCD 3350МЦ “Neptune” should be in operation in 2021, and only the first stage will be deployed three divisions: on the Azov and Black seas. To accomplish these tasks, the production capacity of the Ukrainian defence industry is more than enough.

“Technological cycle of production of complex “Neptun” is nine months. Three months spent on the purchase of all materials and accessories, three for production and three for all tests as separate parts, and products in General. Thus, we can supply a serial of divisional set for nine, maximum of twelve months”, — says Oleg Korostelev.

Adding that any the launch requires high voltage design team and all the producers who will be engaged in development of weapons, as co-executors.

“Alder” — optimum

High-precision missile system “Alder” is already commercially available for the Armed forces, and the production of its modernized version — “the Alder-M” has to begin in 2021. Upgraded “Alder” has a range of a hundred and twenty kilometers, therefore, Defense Express, the question arose about the prospects for the development of more long-range version.

“The effectiveness of such missile systems as “Alder”, is evaluated on a set of parameters — the weight of the warhead, range and accuracy. In the system of “Alder”, which should use the launcher from the “Tornado”, we had made optimum: one hundred twenty kilometers distance, about two hundred and fifty kilogram warhead and accuracy within a few meters. But any increase will entail a reduction in the weight of the warhead. It is technically possible to create a “Alder”, which will fly a distance of two hundred kilometers, but it would carry fifty kilograms of explosives. That is, the combat effectiveness of the system will be minimal,” — said Oleg Korostelev.

In addition, the General designer said that in addition to the optimal combination of range, precision and combat power, “Alder” has another advantage is the price, which was achieved due to the fact that the missile does not use expensive multichannel system of guidance and control.

“”Alder” is a single rocket, it is cheaper than “Point” or “Iskander”, because it has a more simple control system. If we designed a classic three-band missile, its price would be significantly higher. However, achieving the high accuracy demanded of the solution of complex engineering problems. “Alder” is one of the most sophisticated in aerodynamic terms missiles. It rotates around its axis with a frequency of 8-15 cycles per second (rotational motion is necessary to ensure stability in flight — approx. ed.)”, — said Oleg Korostelev.

This means that the “Alder” maybe 8-15 times per second to shift the handlebars, and its electronics, satellite and inertial guidance system, to withstand this load. Additionally, the speed of “Alder” — more than 3 500 km/h. On such speeds there is a high heat and transverse vibrations, which must be paid.

Thus, in order to create highly accurate “Alder” was necessary to solve the daunting task is not simple, but productive ways. And thanks to the team GCCB Luch “Alder” was relatively cheap and high tech weapons.

At the same time, as in the case of “Neptune” mass production “Alder” does not cause any problems, GCCB Luch can produce them in far greater numbers than orders of the defense Ministry.

“We can produce “Alder” 3-4 times more than you order. The financial resource does not cover our ability. But the question of the number of “Alder”, which is procured for the Armed forces of Ukraine, it is a matter of doctrine and solutions to the challenges facing the defence Ministry,” said Korostelev.