The reverse side of the Russophobe

The Minister of defence of Poland Macierewicz Anthony (Antoni Macierewicz) shimmers with different colors. He was the leader of the resistance against the Communist dictatorship, just as the suffering had hardened him. His father, who was poisoned by the secret service allegedly killed herself. Dozens of times he was arrested, and the young oppositionists were seen in Mazarevica his “Guru”. However, this fierce enemy of communism admired military Communists such as Che Guevara (Che Guevara) and the Peruvian movement “real revolutionaries”.

But the biggest paradox of the phenomenon of Macarevich is its attitude to Russia. The fact that this man is not just the Minister of defence. He is also a kind of preacher “Smolensk dogma” — the legend of the Martyr, which killed in plane crash President Lech Kaczynski (Lech Kaczynski), brother of the current national-conservative party leader Kachinskogo Yaroslav (Jaroslaw Kaczynski), were killed due to pilot error, as it was established by the Polish investigators. According to Mazarevica, the President’s plane was blown up by a Russian bomb. For many years the Minister deepens and embellishes the story. Thus he became the Keeper of the seals anti-Russian sentiment in Poland.

At the same time this man, who is now Minister of defense, a NATO member, ensnares the enemy network of filaments, many of which seem to lead in Russia. In Poland, the media make of this topic a sensation. If they believe that the network of Russian influence around the Minister is so thick that, for example, journalist Tomas Piontek (Tomasz Piatek) it took over 200 pages to describe.

Theoretically, many possible reasons why the secret Oriental touch could use Mazarevica. The Polish national Catholics, on the one hand, consider Russia as the enemy. On the other hand, they are close to Putin’s picture of the world. It is anti-liberal concept of family, patriotism and authority accessible to them. For Mazarevica it would be advisable to tie it for the national-conservative camp to yourself.

However, even more important may be the fact that the defense Minister has long been an enemy of the EU. He was for many years fought against Poland’s accession to the Union and back in 2011 said that the end of Soviet domination brought Poland only a new foreign domination, namely, “neosocialists the EU.” However, the one who wanted to separate Flattered from the EU, was together with Russia to bring into play a sort of counterweight. He was forced to balance between hostile worlds, maintain a visible cooperation in both directions. It was a game of masks to balance opponents. In this case the hidden communication with Moscow was necessary.

This paper has traced some of the possible traces in Russia, which are now known in Poland, and revealed the possible new line. For example, on one of the pages on the Internet Rosenbergii was information that the Deputy Mazarevica Kownacki Bartosz (Bartosz Kownacki) was in 2012, invited to presidential elections in Russia as an observer. He was listed in the Russian lists. along with three people who are associated in Poland with a clearly Pro-Russian circles. Some of them are obedient to the Moscow party “Change” (“Zmiana”) or to the associated “European center of geopolitical analysis” (ECAG). Two of them maintained relations with Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine. One of them, the Chairman of the “Change” Mateusz Piskorski (Mateusz Piskorski), now arrested in Poland on suspicion of espionage. Deputy Minister of defence admitted that participated in this trip. However, he denies any relationship with Pro-Russian organizations, the party of “Change” or Piskorski. He also says that he went not at the invitation of ECAG, and at the invitation of the “Alliance of European national movements”.

However, it is not only his Deputy, but the Minister Matservice. The fact that the Pro-Russian circles around the Institute ECAG and the party of “Change” is strongly associated with the defense system of Poland. One of the experts ECAG, Marian Szolucha (Marian Szolucha), after the entry of Mazarevica office in 2015 he became Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Council under the state defense concern PGZ. He had to leave his post when he revealed his past.

Also the Minister was probably a long time directly associated with people from the leadership “Change”. The fact that the Deputy Chairman of the party, Konrad Rekas (Konrad Rekas), said in an interview with this newspaper that he has for many years worked with Metservice. But he denies it.

“Change” recommends itself as “the first non-American party of Poland”. She advocates that the country had good relations with Russia, instead of to be “the watchdog of America.” Chairman Piskorski photographed at the moment when he shook hands with the leader of the Donetsk separatists, Alexander Zakharchenko. And he was the “observer” during a staged “referendum”, Russia in 2014, the disguised annexation of the Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea. Russian news site Sputnik writes that “Change” is the only party in the world hungry war Poland. Vice-President, Konrad Rekas, who also many years, is the author of in ECAG, said in an interview with this newspaper that NATO is “the most aggressive actor in international politics.” However, Russia, according to him, is “in such a state that Poland needed as a strong, peaceful neighbor”. According to him, in Ukraine there is no Russian intervention, and there is only “internal conflict” due to “Nazi ideology” of the government.

Now this man claims that for many years was close to the current Minister of defence. The Minister denies this. At the request of this newspaper to give an explanation he replied: “Your question is a repetition of false statements, manipulations and slander”. Perhaps, says one email to his press service, this publication connected with the planned purchase by Poland of an American Patriot. Earlier the Ministry said that the German press is affected by this issue only because this purchase harm German industry.

About activist “Change” Recasa, Macierewicz earlier reported that he only once met briefly with him, and that in the corridor of the Polish Parliament. And so he actually, like, knows, and perhaps in some confusion — his late coach diving was also the last name Rekas.

However, living Rekas said that although he never taught Mazarevica diving, but in 2005, in 2011 he participated in the organization of his election campaign. Still in 90-e years he wrote articles for the journal of Mazarevica “Glos”. In 2005, Rekas his mission participated in the creation of a “Patriotic movement”, then the party of Mazarevica. He was prepared for his signature and lists, and he often visited him in Parliament, of his parliamentary office. Masirevic, according to Ricasa, called him many times, sometimes at five in the morning. As evidence Rekas quotes the testimony of two other supporters of those times, as well as the Deputy Beata Mazurek (Beata Mazurek), which is today by the press Secretary of the faction Kaczynski in Parliament. In addition he is sure that in the visitation of the Parliament should be committed to his visits to Mazarevica.
Parliament refused to provide this newspaper information from the log. Press Secretary Kaczynski to the questions not responded. However, there is a press report from 2005, which Rekas then did cooperate with the party of Mazarevica. In addition, two associates from the time of Johann Shadura (Joanna Szadura) and Stanislav Dushak (Stanislaw Duszak), confirmed in an interview with this newspaper, attended the meetings of Recase with Metservice in 2005 — that is, at those meetings, which, according to the Ministry, did not exist. In that case, if these witnesses are telling the truth (while the reading is running against testimony), the Minister of defence of member countries of NATO and Russia’s archenemy of Mazarevica with the enemy of NATO and advocate of Russian Recasa connects, maybe something more than just meeting in the hallway. It should be noted that all this is only speculation.

But this is not the only Russian network, in which, it seems, caught, Macarevich. There is one more: the Warsaw “national center for strategic studies” (NCSS), which the magazine “Polityka” refers to “a smithy of shots” Mazarevica. The current Deputy Mazarevica, Gutkowski Tomasz (Tomasz Szatkowski), was at one time Director of the NCSS and the current head Jacek Kotas (Jacek Kotas) have already been times (at other national-conservative Minister) the Secretary of state in the Ministry of defence. Macarevich, directed then, as Secretary of state, the military secret service. Kvasnak Grzegorz (Grzegorz Kwasniak), until recently the Commissioner of the Minister on the creation of the new territorial army, has also been linked to the NCSS, as Colonel guy Krzysztof (Krzysztof Gaj), which Macierewicz recalled from retirement to head the Department of organization and logistics at the General staff. Former defense Minister Tomasz siemoniak (Tomasz Siemoniak) said that whoever in this post, “knows everything about the army”.

Also in this group come across statements that may be owned directly by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. For example, Hai in 2014 in one article he repeated his thesis that the leaders of Ukraine are “fascists”. “Putin is absolutely right,” wrote guy. “They must be fought”. When the text is in 2016 has been published, Mazurewicz was forced to remove him from office.

However, there are other notable things in the smithy of NCSS. From this institution are respect to one entrepreneurial family, the head of which Robert Sulkowski (Robert Szustkowski), is the Russian familiar with all sorts of ties to military intelligence, the GRU. For example, NCSS has rented the office of one of the company where the authorised signatory is the son of Szostkowski — according to the land court registry. However, more important seems to be that the current chief NCSS Jacek Kotas (which, together with Metservice was Deputy defense Minister in the Kaczynski), for many years was a leading Manager in one company of enterprises for real estate “Radius”, which Sulkowski play a Central role. Therefore, the largest Polish newspaper, tabloid piece of “Fact” was presented by the chief NCSS Kotas as the “Russian messenger” — the accusation that he is in one electronic message addressed to this edition rejects.

What are you talking about? Group of companies “Radius” in which the head of the NCSS was the Manager asks a riddle. The newspaper “Puls Biznesu” called Robert Sulkowski senior, a person with Russian friends, one of his co-owners. The author of the article, Emil Gorecki (Emil Gorecki), confirms in an interview with this newspaper that Sulkowski and one of his partners really introduced him to “Radius” as its property, although there were other investors. However, Sutkowski in one email to this newspaper has denied that participates in the companies of the conglomerate. But his answer was not exhaustive: he wrote only in the present tense. When asked about what it was before, he said nothing.

Sulkowski ties with Moscow, by contrast, is undeniable. First, it is up to 2016 was a diplomatic representative of the African state of the Gambia in Russia — at a time when the then Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh (Yahya Jammeh) was negotiating with Moscow on the purchase of weapons. So, perhaps, Sutkowski in Moscow was a nice touch. In an interview with this newspaper, he confirmed that in 90-e years was the representative of the Russian MONTAZH-Spets-Bank in Warsaw, the first Russian Bank in Poland. He also confirmed that familiar with the Russian oligarch Andrei skochem, which has also been associated with Assembly-Spec-Bank. He later was at one time the richest Deputy of the Russian state Duma. More importantly, military-sports Fund group Skoch “Generation” at one time openly engaged in training in the camps of the military intelligence, the GRU. In addition Skoch bragged about his friendship with Alisher Usmanov, the Russian billionaire, who is associated with the state gas concern Gazprom, and whose opposition critic Alexei Navalny accuses that he gave Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev luxury Villa near Moscow. Mr Medvedev and Mr Usmanov have denied this. Still, the billionaire seems to have very good contacts with the Russian leadership and military intelligence. So when in 2016, it was necessary to appoint new leadership of the GRU, the newspaper, Usmanov’s Kommersant put on General Igor Korobov. Two weeks later, Boxes really took this position.

Possible the line of contact between these circles of Moscow and the Polish conglomerate “Radius” are, however, not only through the family Sulkowski. Another former Manager of “Radius” Korenowski Wojciech (Wojciech Kuranowski) had worked at the firm from the sphere of influence of Usmanov and Skoch.

Thus indirectly, but quite distinguishable line from the networks of Russian secret services and oligarchs are, it seems, to the Polish conglomerate of real estate, in which the head of the forge personnel Mazarevica NCSS has long been a leading Manager. However, all involved in this case represent it as an outrage. Sulkowski assured this newspaper that never had anything to do with the Russian services and the head of the NCSS Kota accuses everyone who nazyvetsya it “the Russian courier”. Macarevich, too, denies everything. The suspicion of the close ties his Ministry to the institution NCSS denied by his press service as any cooperation with Pro-Russian activist Conrad Recasa.

What follows from this? On the one hand, the Minister showered Russia with accusations of murder and claims that advances the integration of Poland into NATO. On the other hand, he belongs to that government, which the interests of Moscow — consciously or unconsciously — pushes that drive a wedge in the EU and, as in the case of unexpected refusal declared in 2016, the purchase of European military helicopter Airbus, hurting military cooperation. Get a portrait causing anxiety of two-faced Janus.