Murder “Givi”: version and details

The death of the gunman is cluttered with new versions. If you own fighters, it is only one, the Ukraine three. What is behind the murder of one of leaders of separatists and will it cause a new aggravation, found out Today.

Unknown fired a shell with a flame thrower “bumblebee” in the “Cabinet” 36-year-old Mikhail Tolstoy, nicknamed Givi at 6 in the morning 12 minutes. As reported by the militants, he died instantly and his body was burned beyond recognition. Where exactly was this “study” is unknown. Fighters location not known, but the Ukrainian side suggests that he is in Makeyevka. The death of the “hero” of the self-proclaimed “DNR” and pledged the militants, and Ukraine.

Recall, the Givi was one of the media persons, “the young Republic”. A native of Ilovaysk, to the beginning of the conflict in the Donbas worked as a security guard in a supermarket. Then he began to lead a battalion of fighters of “Somalia”, engaged in torture of Ukrainian cyborgs. On camera Russian media he also threatened “to reach Zhytomyr region”.

THREE VERSIONS. In “DNR” was unoriginal: they are accused in the death of Givi Ukrainian saboteurs, and involved in the murder, called… the adviser to the interior Minister Zoryan Shkiryak. He Shkiryak, of course, denies everything. “They needed someone to blame”, — he told reporters.

The Ukrainian security forces three versions: Fat was removed by the secret services of Russia, murdered or their death faked. “These “inflatable” heroes, like Motorola and Givi’s fighters in the early stages of the war, so they remained alive, gave us a version of intelligence, one of the leaders in the defense Ministry. Now in some cities the number of Russian military personnel decreased. Temporarily or permanently — the question, but basically there was several commanders and “staff of rats”. This means that part of the situation was under the control of local militants who could remove the Givi to pick up his money from the marauding revenue. But the fact is that to get close to Givi not so simple, and so that to organize his murder could not without the help of the security services. In any case, the escalation in the Donbas because it is not, as it was not an influential figure”.

According to intelligence reports, the second version is no less significant. “Russians, large officers, generals from Moscow hard to complement the first and second army corps on the territory of “DNR”, they need order, not a “theater of the absurd”, as Givi “Somalia”. In other words, get rid of those who are not fighting by their rules. It can be and Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky, the battalion commander and any other representative of the power block “DNR”, say security officials, adding that to fake the death of the gunman could so that he could escape.

The version of the murder of his partially confirms the people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko. “Poorly managed Givi replaced by more disciplined and dangerous enemy of Ukraine — predicted Gerashchenko. — Let’s be realistic — the elimination of the Givi is not too weaken the enemy. It or eliminated the special services of the Russian Federation as unnecessary, or killed competitors in the struggle for financial flows. Ukrainian security services not yet received approval for the cleanup of the leaders of the gangs”.