TOP 5 most affordable tourist destinations in the world

Most budget destination for independent travelers is the city of Pokhara in Central Nepal.

It is found by the experts of tourist service Price of Travel, reports the Daily Star.

According to their calculations, Pokhara became the most budget option, after they have calculated the cost of one day of rest in different cities of the world. Among them the cost of a hostel, three meals a day, two trips on public transport, a visit to one of attraction and three cheap cans of beer.

The results showed that in Pokhara one day for tourists at a cost of approximately 17.7 per dollar.

In second place is Vietnam’s capital of Hanoi, where tourist will need 18.3 per dollar.

In the top five of the cheapest areas is also presented Vietnamese town of Ho Chi Minh city where the rest will cost a tourist about 18.4 per dollar. Next is Cairo with a score of 18.7 per dollar, and the top five budget destinations of Chiang Mai in Thailand costs for tourists at 18.8 dollars.