Policy of Russia is becoming dangerous not only for itself but also for Armenia

“168”: Mr. Safaryan, the press Secretary of the President of Turkey said that the agreement was signed on deliveries of air defense systems s-400 from Russia, the documents are signed. Which means this deal?

Stepan Safaryan: In total within the Syrian war, especially in the autumn of last year between the United States and Turkey had serious disagreements for the simple reason that Turkey wanted to use its site system “Patriot” in its sole discretion. Because the United States knew that Turkish aims in Syria are not in line with their goals, of course, they agreed to this with reluctance. During “operation Iron shield” the American side used the “Patriots” as much as she wanted, but not as much as I wanted Turkey.

And since August last year began the process of reconciliation in Turkish-Russian relations, one of the agreements related to the acquisition of systems s-400. Turkey strives to achieve independence in such actions, as in the middle East, its policy is not very transparent, it is military policy with military incursions, and of course, Turkey is committed to sustainability. To this end, it negotiates with the Chinese, then Russian, and finally was able to reach agreement and close the deal, which was announced.

Of course, first and foremost, this issue affects the security of Armenia, and her appropriate concern about this, because so far, at least after the Soviet collapse, the Russian military presence in the South Caucasus, particularly in Armenia, was due to the need to neutralize the Turkish threat.

Now it becomes rather strange that Russia is, in fact, supplies of Turkey super system, on the other hand pretending that ensures the security of Armenia. In this context, of course, the deal is puzzling, and Russia’s policy for the sale of arms is dangerous not only for herself but also for Armenia.

— It is likely that Turkey will provide one of these systems to Azerbaijan?

It is possible, especially considering that the armed forces created act on the basis of the fifth army corps, no less way are subject to Turkish military command. And if in other places, Turkey will not be able to help Azerbaijan, at least in Nakhichevan, which is very uasvm can place defensive air defense system. And Anna is the Achilles heel of Azerbaijan, and it seems that the strengthening of Turkey, Azerbaijan-Nakhichevan threaten Yerevan and the entire Ararat valley.

Especially given the statement that one of the systems will be installed at the border with Armenia.

— Yes, perhaps this system will be installed at the border with Armenia, but will be used in the interests of Azerbaijan, not so much to protect Turkey, as in Azerbaijan’s favor, especially considering that Azerbaijan and Turkey established military cooperation and signed agreement on mutual military assistance. The contents of this Treaty is not yet fully known, but military-technical cooperation, in military cooperation between Azerbaijan and Turkey is incredibly deep. Therefore, in this regard, of course, have nothing to do with Armenia.

— These systems can serve as a counterweight to “Iskander”, given that the Minister of defense of Azerbaijan in an interview with RIA Novosti said that they have a counterweight?

— “Iskander” is not meant to be attacks on Nakhichevan, and Nakhichevan although it can become such a target, unless, of course, he will be overly big threat for Armenia. But in any case, the defense system s-400 are among the best in the world, if not the best. I’m no expert on military matters, but I think that this will become a serious problem.

— It turns out that in the case of the sale of these systems of Turkey, they in some sense are directed against Russia, considering the Armenian-Russian military cooperation and other issues?

— Of course, it turns out. I don’t know how Russia feels confident that the s-400 system will not be used in the space of its direct interests, including the South Caucasus against Armenia. However, it should be noted that the Russian military defense has never been so reliable for Armenia, and history has shown us. And not only in terms of declarations but also of practical action. Therefore, it’s a question that has no answer. But the fact that it becomes a challenge for Armenia and Russia — is clear. Turkey openly joined the anti-Armenian policy of Azerbaijan, and thus naturally became a threat to Russia’s interests.