Illegal turbines of Siemens in the Crimea

Today can be no doubt that supplied by the German firm of Siemens in Russia gas turbine must be installed on the annexed Peninsula of Crimea in violation of EU economic sanctions. This is deeply disappointing and gives rise to indignation.

Within three years after the annexation of the Crimea, Ukraine in all international forums constantly expressed concern that sanctions imposed because of Russian aggression against Ukraine can not be clearly observed with some of the major firms.

These concerns were raised during numerous interviews at the highest level — but, as it turns out today, they were not heard. The heavier the violation of trust associated with the business of Siemens AG.

Creatively circumvent sanctions

The work, which here are looking for ways to bypass the sanctions provisions, makes you wonder. So, for example, supplied with Siemens turbines were transferred into the category of Russian products, so despite the ban put them in the Crimea. Too much here is the desire for wealth, but too little morality.

Today no one knows how to play the game with empty political promises of more masterly than the Kremlin. At the same time from Moscow is heard louder a requirement that should go to the “business as usual” in the spirit of Realpolitik.

It is believed that they need to think about the result in accordance with the slogan of some modern machiavellist: “the end justifies the means”. However, they reject the fact that the great Florentine master of the theory of power and sometimes — and even in his world famous treatise “the Prince” — tried to unite politics and morality.

In the turbulent modernity of war representatives associated with shady dealings sooner or later become policy. And as it is possible at such times to curb the violator of the world? The recipe for success is obvious.

Remove the rose-colored glasses

Should from the very beginning to insure themselves with strict rules and obligations immediately to thoroughly examine suspicious cases immediately to punish violations of law and to take measures that were not used weaknesses. The time to remove the rose-colored glasses and look reality in the eye: the Crimean question, and there is weak spot in world diplomacy.

Siemens is now faced with accusations that it bypassed obligations under the sanctions. For Moscow, on the contrary, there is nothing new to be a violator of agreements. In a three-year struggle for the implementation of the Minsk agreements Ukraine and its Western partners in the Normandy format were forced with sorrow to watch what means real politics “in Russian.”

However, the high brisance of the case of Siemens leads now to the fact that in question will do all further foreign investments in the Russian economy. Scam with turbines is not a misunderstanding, and error. It amounts to a serious violation of the sanctions.

Count your fingers

Of course, now it is primarily the responsibility of Siemens to legally deal with this remarkable incident, shall promptly and fully review the circumstances of this wrongful delivery of the turbines in the Crimea and cancel them.

However, this case has become a test of the entire sanctions policy against Russia. And here the Ukraine together with the German government and the European institutions will do everything to ensure that this loss of trust, with serious consequences would be in General consistent attitude of the world community to the issue of the annexation of Crimea.

Because this case involves all of us. We need to know the whole truth about the deal with Siemens. However, there is one tip for Siemens and other firms that are on a deal with Russian state-owned enterprises: after you shake hands, count your fingers.

The author is Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine.