Trump and Russia: connecting the dots

Although the series “house of cards” I fell in love with from the very beginning, I always thought that the writers go overboard and that the plot seems implausible. Now, after seven weeks of the Board of trump, I have to apologize to “house of cards”. Nothing is impossible, it seems, is no longer there.

In particular, the impossible does not look the most frightening suspicions about what team trump has somehow conspired with Russia to intervene in American elections. This is a key issue and that is where we need to focus on.

To understand what is happening, we have to understand as a connected set of points. Be careful: the Democrats in any case you should not slide into conspiracy thinking, which has led some Republicans to believe that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, who faces a verdict, or to find a pizzeria in the Washington of her sex-slaves. Coincidences also happen sometimes, and so I think that the General Prosecutor Jeff Seshns (Jeff Sessions), the press is paying too much attention, and the former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump Floor of Manufactu (Paul Manafort) — on the contrary, too little. So here are ten main points:

1. President trump and his entourage repeatedly — and falsely — denied their ties with Russia. USA Today counted at least 20 such denial. It is known that at least half a dozen people from the environment trump was in contact with senior Russian officials.

2. The obvious reasons for these contacts does not exist. When Vice-President Mike Pence (Mike Pence) said on January 15, contact campaign headquarters trump with the Kremlin, he said, “of Course not. Why such contacts might need it?” We would also like to know, Mr. Vice-President.

3. Between one of the computer servers Trump Organization and the Russian “Alfa-Bank” associated with President Vladimir Putin, had been an exchange of data, explaining that the parties are still not given. Many seem to be particularly suspicious 2700 “requests” at the beginning of communication between computers. However, some believe that we are talking about something innocent, like spam. To determine who is right, we can’t yet.

4. In addition to the “regular” and “repeated” contacts between people from the surrounding trump and the Russian intelligence reported The New York Times and CNN, there are also data security services about contacts with Russian officials and data on otsloivshihsya British and Dutch authorities meetings in Europe between Russian and representatives of trump.

5. Christopher Steele (Christopher Steele), an authoritative expert on Russia, previously worked for MI6, is known to have prepared a dossier, according to which the Russian took off in 2013, compromising of trump’s videos, and team members trump joined with the Kremlin in collusion devoted to meddling in the American elections.

The Russian source cited in the dossier, claimed that these agreements were signed “with the full knowledge of the trump and with his support,” and that in exchange for Russian help “team trump agreed not to raise in the course of the campaign the question about the Russian actions in Ukraine.” Former Director of National intelligence James clapper (James Clapper) said that no evidence of such collusion, he had not seen, however, to understand this history, you need to investigate.

6. Trump showed a surprisingly positive attitude to Russia and appointed people friendly to Moscow, on a number of high posts. During the campaign he never condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

7. Trump Advisor Roger stone (Roger Stone), apparently knew in advance about the forthcoming publication Russia in WikiLeaks correspondence of the electoral headquarters of Clinton. In August, two months prior to the published email campaign Manager, Clinton John Podestà (John Podesta), stone commented in his Twitter: “Believe me, will soon be the turn of the Podestà to take off from work”. In October, six days before the publication of the correspondence, stone wrote: “Hillary Clinton is toast. #Wikileaks.”

8. Apparently, sessions — a false target. He hardly served as a secret channel for communication with the Kremlin. Much more interesting in this respect by Paul Manafort, long-standing ties with Russia, which raises many questions.

9. “From Russia circulates a lot of money,” — said in 2008, Donald trump Jr., Donald (Donald Trump Jr.). Perhaps Russia has a certain influence on the trump, providing loans to his organization or to other enterprises. These suspicions could dispel his tax return. Without considering it any government investigation will be incomplete.

10. Even many Republicans recognize that we all, as expressed by President George W. Bush, “we need answers”. The Committee on intelligence of the Senate and house of representatives mostly work behind closed doors, while we need transparency. Now desperately need an independent investigation like the 9/11 Commission.

When friends ask me what, in my opinion, it is, I tell them that, I think, clear agreements on assistance in unfair victory in the elections between trump and Putin was not. It was something more vague and ambiguous. Perhaps Putin just wanted to attack Clinton to win trump didn’t count. However, I would not be surprised if trump was secretly made contacts with the Russians and exchanged information with them. In this case, in a circle trump could know in advance about Russia’s attempts to corrupt the American political process. If so, the scandal will be huge.

A separate suspect, I have been violent attacks on the press trump and Barack Obama, sometimes forcing to think that he had mental problems. Journalists have long known: if the leader gets angry and starts to pour invectives and threats against those who are engaged in some investigation, this means that investigating on the right track.