In the heart of the trump no place for animals

The first President of the United States, George Washington, had 17 dogs, eight horses, parrots and a donkey. Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1908) took office, with the pig, he took a one-legged rooster to take care of the lizard bill. George Bush made it possible for his Terrier Barney in the appearance on the website of the White house and once said the phrase: “I will never give up until my wife and Barney next.”

Without animals, at least let mice, the President — not the President. Existed the American head of state who loved their hippos. One kept a parrot, which, half tenderly, half with irritation, called the Washington Post.

Franklin Roosevelt was beside himself, when rumours that he was in the midst of the Second world war sent a destroyer to the Aleutian Islands just to pick up his Scottish Terrier Fala. “I used to hear insidious lies about himself and his family. I did not resist, he said. But I have a right to speak out against the slander on my dog!”

Some dogs love more than their owners

More than 200 years, American presidents inseparable with their Pets. It is a kind of mental coalition government, and sometimes it turns out that the dog is more loved by people than her master.

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Almost 230 years it was so. Until there was a President named Donald trump. Perhaps the President of the dog are not associated with a joyous bark, and with a sad experience. Maybe some psychologist could accurately describe what went wrong in the relationship of the tramp with the animals. It is clear that America wonders why no dog was a loyal friend of the President. The United States was a quite unanimous opinion that it can’t mean anything good.

The most cold-blooded misanthrope among rulers, including those murderers like Stalin or Hitler still had a human side, which knew how to bark and wagged his tail. And Vladimir Putin likes dogs, they should be large and strong. And true. Perhaps his experience had taught him that life is likely to rely on loyal fighting machine. Whether on four legs or on two.

Pets? A touchy subject in Washington

Donald trump, in contrast, clearly does not want a presidential dog. Although it is a traditional duty of the occupant of the White house. Although it is shoved under the nose of the puppies of poodle and Retriever. Although during the election campaign, he posed for a fun beauty pageant for dogs near comb the winners. Although his advisers explained to him: if it is really tight, we’ll run some photos with dogs. It’s always helped.

Pets are a touchy subject in Washington. Almost every second household has one or more dogs, seven out of ten residents consider themselves animal lovers. “If you’re looking for a friend in Washington, get a dog.” This phrase belongs to Harry Truman (Harry Truman). Dog — the secret weapon of all the presidents. They do from politicians to people.

“Pets are an important strength,” says James Lebowitz (James H. Lebovic), Professor-scientist from the University of Washington. Lebowitz and his staff conducted a study on the subject of presidents and their Pets (“Unleashing Presidential Power”, “Power of the President, flat with a leash”). James Lebowitz analyzed newspaper reports of Pets presidents of the New York Times and the Washington Post for 50 years (1961-2011) and found one important thing: in tough economic times, pet remains in the background. “The President needs to consider how this will look if it spoils your pet, when business people in the country going bad.”

The first question on television: how are the puppies?

But when it comes to explaining military actions or to admit personal scandals, in dozens of cases in the study period, the photos in the press the dog appears first person. So, bill Clinton the next day after he was forced to admit that after all was familiar with the famous Monica Lewinsky is much closer, it seemed the audience not only with his wife Hilary, but with a buddy, and his brown Labrador. And when in December 2003 in the North Caucasus were buried the victims of the terrorist attack, Putin in his speech, enthusiastically talked about newborn puppies his big black Labrador. A few days later he’s on Russian TV, answering questions from Russian citizens. One of the first questions was: how are the puppies?

John Kennedy was allergic to dogs. Despite this, he gave his children a dog. George Bush joked that his Terrier Barney in his son he never had. And Barack Obama for weeks has puzzled the country on whether the “first dog” be curly or smooth.

Andrew Johnson (Andrew Johnson) (1865-1869), who, presumably, lived in poverty, was neither dog nor cat, he did not keep and goats, like Lincoln, have never seen him on a horse as one of his predecessors James Knox Regiment (James Knox Polk). Johnson fed mice, which was found in his bedroom. “The kids give me their trust, he told his friend. — And I them — flour and water to quench their hunger and thirst.”

Nixon had a dog with sad eyes

Queue Checkers. This dog, who helped President Richard Nixon, “perhaps the most remarkable man that ever dwell in the White house” (Time magazine). In 1952, the reports of questionable donations has put his candidacy in jeopardy. Any word tricky dick, so it was then called, did not believe in Washington.

But the truth about what really had happened, what actually motivated the Nixon — it took a cursory glance at his dog, with the most trustworthy appearance among the candidates. In September, Nixon made a speech in front of millions of viewers with his famous “Checkers-speech”: the only gift that he would never return, — his black-and-white Cocker Spaniel Checkers, he said. In his hands he held a dog with sad eyes. Believed in it all. So, Nixon won the election.

This is one of the amusing incidents, says Lebowitz, “which confirm a significant influence of the faithful animals on presidents.” The dog is not just an accessory: “the Choice of pet reflects the personality of the person, even income and other factors,” says Lebowitz. “Cats are more independent, their owners, mostly. Therefore, the content of cat or dog we have in the US is associated with a political orientation. Democrats — probably a cat owner, but the Republicans are the lovers.” And what dog are now best reflects the personality of Donald trump, Professor Lebowitz?

Response as the bite

Pause, thoughts, vibrations. Then Lebowitz says, “I love dogs”. Pause, more reflection. Then: “Version dogs and presidents sometimes act is not without exceptions”. It’s one thing just to buy a dog, being President of the United States. But keep it in front of the camera and expect the voters to peck is another. “People want to identify with their politicians, they lack the personal, relaxed side of their President, says Lebowitz. — Dog — only part of it.” But it is significant.

© RIA Novosti, Alexei Druzhinin | go to Photobacterium of Russia Vladimir Putin with dogs

It’s amazing how much the presidential dog can carry on your cool master heat, reliability, and playful humor. But it works only in the case where the person near the dog, not completely missing the warmth, reliability and a sense of humor.

“In any case, it is hard to imagine a dog in a person who has no friends and that every free minute spends on the Golf course, says Lebowitz. — In addition, the selfish type trump will not give the scene any dog.” And what pet still could, at least theoretically, to provide near trump? Response Lebovici sounds harsh and sudden, like the bite on the leg “No!”