Cabaret on fire

Russian, who are many figurative expressions for the different stages of the growing political chaos, as describe it the highest manifestation of “fire in a brothel during the earthquake.”

Last Thursday, I found that the Brazilians have a similar expression: “in cabaret, a fire broke out”. I ran into him, watching the Brazilian news, which was reported (take a breath) the appearance of two recordings: one of them is the current President of Brazil Michel Temer asked to continue regular payments to the former Chairman of the chamber of deputies, Eduardo Cunha (currently residing in prison) in exchange for his silence, on the other — the former candidate for presidents of Awasu Neves, Senator of the Brazilian Congress, in turn, requires a bribe to pay legal bills, and said — hopefully in jest — that the money must go through a “middleman, which when you try denunciation not gonna pay.” Definitely, a cabaret, a fire broke out.

What is happening in Brazil and what we are seeing in the United States, unites not only belong to the American continent and is almost identical to the presidential system. South American farce, and the farce of the North American share much more significant: both presidents came to power on the wave of the movement, which proclaimed that contradicts their own political nature. Temer and the tramp — characters what happens when the national-populist rhetoric could ride on public discontent.

From the very beginning it was clear, as I wrote at the time that the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff will not be culminate movement against corruption in Brazil. The movement for the impeachment of Dilma, the head of which stood the main corrupt of Brazil, exploited the aspirations of many of his countrymen, in fact it was for the preservation of corruption. No wonder all the forces of this movement focused on the confrontation, one man only, who, occupying the highest political office in the country, never to arouse suspicion in corruption — Dilma Rousseff (as opposed to the same Lula da Silva, who encouraged corruption scheme of buying votes in Congress and will never be able to get rid of that bad fame).

Similarly in North America, Donald trump arrived to the White house on the crest of a wave of dissatisfaction with the excessive influence of money on American politics, global financial system and lack of transparency of leaders, the symbol of which became the infamous email that Hillary Clinton sent from a private server. Isn’t life funny? Trump is shameless quintessence of all that this movement criticized. From the beginning of the election campaign and the administration trump, influenced by the fact that their helpful bawlers dubbed “globalism” and relying on the shameless conspiracy, dominated by the money, and the first role out multi-millionaires. Trump could easily be the man that destroyed the USA in a legal state, if not, another combines it with Michel Temer trait: incompetence.

The creators of the famous political Thriller House of Cards decided to make a Twitter short post in Portuguese, referring to the crisis in Brazil: “serious competition”. In the mouth of the writers of the series, this joke sounds funny, but in reality it is far from the truth. The main villain of the film, a fictional President is an extremely competent in their field type, and this is why he managed to survive in as many seasons. In reality, however, both presidents of the two largest countries of America will do, except that pupils of the sorcerer who has managed to transform their regimes in the cabaret or a brothel in flames. To reach the highest point of the Russian hierarchy of chaos, lacking only the earthquake.