The eldest son of trump ridiculed for failing to sit

Twitter users drew attention to the fact that the eldest son of the President of the United States Donald in all the photos where he is sitting, looks weird. Microblogger came to the conclusion that the presidential offspring is not able to sit.

Initially, users were alerted pullout trump Jr., photographer New Yourk Times Styles for articles about him.

Donald Trump Jr. decided early on not to measure himself against his father.

— NYT Styles (@NYTStyles) 21 Mar 2017

“What the hell is going on?” — asked microblogger. Users noted that the trump on the stump looks like a man, who was not invited to the party because he’s a prude. “When you get back to the place where he sent you to kill my first migrant,” joked someone from the bloggers.

The photo became viral when the American journalist Jordan Freeman (Jordan Freiman) drew attention to the artificiality of the poses of the younger trump. He noticed that the other pictures tramp in the sitting position looks weird.

how is he so bad at sitting?

— Jordan Freiman (@JordanFreiman) 18 Mar 2017

Freeman’s tweet went viral, shared more than 30 thousand users. Commentators have suggested that trump is trying to keep a flat back and that surely the man who taught the son of the President of this, good pay.

Past discussion has not passed, and the object of ridicule. Trump Jr. shared a post by Freeman in his profile in Instagram. “Apparently, I’m very bad at sitting?!?! Now I know what it feels Salt Bae (known in the network of Turkish chef — ed.)! Thanks to the Internet… and hand on heart if a couple of bad photos that’s all you have, I’m very worried,” — he concluded.

Trump accompanied his post with several hashtags, including the phrase “haters will hate”.

Trump Jr. is not the first time becomes an object of ridicule on the Internet. In September 2016, before his father was elected President, his zatrollit for the comparison of Syrian refugees with the candy Skittles.