The militants are taken out of ORDA about 200 thousand tons of coal monthly – DTEK

The militants of the so-called republics “LNR” and “DNR”, who seized the Ukrainian mines on the temporarily uncontrolled territory of Donbass, are taken from these areas is about 200 thousand tons of coal monthly. About it in interview to the edition “news of Donbass” said the head of the Crisis staff of DTEK Energo Denis Didenko.

“According to railway statistics, monthly from there (with areas outside the control areas of Donbass) leaves about 200 thousand tons of coal,” – said Didenko.

According to him, about half are in transit through the territory of the Russian Federation through the Rostov port the coal goes to Turkey.

“On the river don there is a small neglubokovodnym port, which allows boats of up to 5 thousand tons of export coal To foreign markets, and these are the countries of the black sea and the Mediterranean basin, coal with uncontrolled territory can “leak” through the territory of the Russian Federation. It all depends on the ingenuity of those individuals that are trying to establish its export,” – said a top Manager of DTEK Energy.

However, he said that some of the coal finds its final consumer on the territory of Russia.

As said Didenko, thanks to the coordinated work of the company and the state to prevent the coal from ORDA in other countries and Ukraine, the management of “nationalized” enterprises cannot make full use of the captured mine.

“Maybe 200 thousand tons per month this is their global distribution? It’s one thing to expect something, and another thing is reality. I believe that this level of sales is clear evidence that there was a sufficient number of buyers who would have purchased the coal to bypass the potential sanctions, despite its price,” – said Didenko.

Meanwhile, he recalled that in 2016 DTEK mine in OGLO produced 8 million tons of coal and paid 4.2 billion UAH of taxes to the budget of Ukraine.

As reported, in connection with the seizure of Ukrainian enterprises on the temporarily uncontrolled territory, the national security Council and defense of Ukraine in mid-March has decided to ban all trade with ORDO.

To prevent the coal from ORDA in other countries the foreign Ministry of Ukraine intends to warn the embassies of eight countries, while the State fiscal service controls to a coal falling on the territory of Ukraine.