Six techniques that will help to make life better

According to the French psychologist Marie Kidd, enough to make six steps towards your dream – reports

The basis for a happy change in life is to become your motivation. But to decide on a radical change is always difficult: it seems that the distance from your current state to dream very large. “The road by walking, says Marie Kidd. – Start walking the happy path of change will help you with six simple techniques.”

1. Start writing the future

Recorded in a special notebook all the ideas, plans and objectives. While you are in the head – it’s just a dream, it can be forgotten, dissolving into a pile of everyday petty concerns. But should the dream fall on the paper as it is transformed into a specific goal. Every day dopisivati small clarifying moments that you need to do to get closer to the goal. Soon you “by itself” will have the plan – it will only need to structure, and tied to time.

2. Don’t put off decisions indefinitely

Once a tentative plan is ready, start to embody it. Don’t wait for Monday or the new year: anticipation of enormous change unnerving, as if something would knock you out of graphics, you the torment of disappointment and remorse. And today – just a nice day and it is a great time to start something new.

3. Change the environment

As believed by the ancient philosophers, we are the product of our environment. If you are surrounded by a quiet housewife, it is unlikely you will venture into a career leap. Start meeting people that have changed their lives and are not afraid to change it further. Communicate with them, ask questions, analyze their mistakes, get inspired by their achievements.

4. Forget the rules

Most of these “must” and “should”, “not accepted” and “impossible,” from which we sometimes depend so probably useless.

5. Think positive

Throw out from your vocabulary all of these “I can’t”, “It is necessary to nobody”, “nothing will change”. The expectation of the poor is extremely negative impact not only on mental but also on physical health. A negative attitude drains, leads to problems with sleep and digestion, and hence is a direct way to real problems. Rejoice each day is a new opportunity and another step on the path to a new life.

6. Enlist the support of loved ones

Share your plans with family members. Feeling behind him a strong base, you will move mountains.