How much water you need to drink in the heat

The issue of drinking in hot weather is as relevant as ever. In the pursuit of life-giving water we are water, teas, juices, tonics, with little concern about how much we will drink. But to know the measure need not only in food, but in drink, – said

We asked the expert, how much water to drink a day to feel good.

“In conditions of normal temperature and moderate physical activity people should be in a day drink at least 1 liter of water a day, says dietitian. – At elevated temperature the number is increasing. Daily water demand the average person – up to 2.5 liters. While up to 1.5 enters the body in the form of free liquid (tea, coffee, soup), 1 litre – with food, 0,3-0,4 liters – is formed in the body.

How much should you drink of the water depends on the climate, work intensity, physiological condition of the body. Increased physical exertion or at high temperature together with then loses, and salt. Therefore, in such cases the required water with a small amount of salt.