The best ways to whiten skin underarms

Dark skin underarms is a problem faced by many people. The skin discoloration can occur for various reasons, usually do not depend on people. When you visit the beaches, pools and gyms we want to have a flawless appearance, and a similar pigmentation have not decorates, writes


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Home whitening underarms

To whiten dark underarm skin will help very simple tools, and you can find them even at home. With their help, you can get a good result, although often required to achieve the desired effect more time.

  • Potatoes

You can take a slice of potato and try to RUB underarm skin due to its acidic properties, this root can help to whiten the skin in this area. You can also use potato juice, which is rubbed armpit. After it dries it washes off with warm water. This procedure can be performed daily.

  • Cucumber

Due to the properties of this vegetable, the skin is smoothed and bleached. It’s enough to take a slice of cucumber and RUB your underarms dark for one minute, then rinse.

  • Lemon

This citrus may also be used like the potato. But we must remember that it contains a higher acid content, so you should be careful not to harm the skin. To avoid damage to the skin you will need to add a bit of turmeric. Bring this mixture to a paste, apply to problem area, let dry, and then rinse with warm running water.

  • Vinegar

This fluid has powerful antibacterial properties, kills germs and eliminates odors. For the preparation of a bleaching agent it is necessary to mix the vinegar and rice flour, apply on the spots under his armpits and after dry wash off with running water.

  • Soda

It is used as a natural scrub. For this we need to dissolve the baking soda with a small amount of water to get the mass density of sour cream, and for several minutes massaging this part of the skin of the armpits. Through such manipulations, kills germs and removes skin cells.

To get rid of dark circles under the armpits at the same time you can use a few tools.