What fruits and vegetables help to lose weight quickly

Fruits and vegetables – an essential part of a healthy diet, the basis of many effective diets. However, not every gift of nature is able to provide effective weight loss. Yes, in most types of fresh vegetables and fruits contain many vitamins and other valuable substances of fiber, however the calorie content of fruit varies, according to slimim.com.

The most nutritious gifts of nature include: bananas, grapes, potatoes, and dried. But this does not mean that these products will have to be abandoned in the name of a beautiful figure. There are also bananas, but in moderation.

But the most low-calorie foods include: plums, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkin and spinach.

Long-lasting fruit or vegetable diet must have a balanced composition. Only in this way can not harm your health. Because the pear, peaches or cucumbers does not contain animal protein, strict weight-loss on these products should not last more than one week.

Results weight loss on fruit and vegetable techniques depend on the duration of the course, the caloric content of the ingredients used and other factors. This month you can lose about 10-12 kg. If the methods of reduction of weight calculated for a longer period, the ration in addition to the apples and cabbage will need to include sources of protein.