US sanctions against Russia: the reaction of politicians

The U.S. Congress supported the bill on the consolidation of existing and the introduction of new restrictive measures against Russia for its aggression against Ukraine.

It is worth noting that not only expands sanctions against Russia, but also declares its support of Ukraine in restoring its territorial integrity.

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So, new sanctions from the USA against Russia has already responded to the highest level in Ukraine, but in Russia, the Kremlin is silent, though without Moscow’s reaction was not.

  • The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko: “an Important decision of the US Congress on sanctions against Russia, with strong bipartisan support. The price of aggression must grow!”.
  • Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko: “During the visit of the President of Ukraine in the House of representatives one of the key issues of his meeting with the speaker was the sanctions against Russia, a country that, in fact, challenged around the world. Thank you Congress for supporting the sanctions. 419 “FOR” is a very powerful and unique. Russia – the aggressor. Should be responsible for everything. And we are on the right track on our diplomatic front.”
  • Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov: “what is Happening does not fit into common sense. The authors and sponsors of this bill make a very serious step towards the destruction of prospects for the normalization of relations with Russia. Moscow sees Washington as a source of danger and act on that understanding. Accordingly, we will perceive today’s America. Washington – a source of danger. It is necessary to understand and act in accordance with this understanding: balanced, reasonable and calm.”
  • The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev: “Judging by the solid vote in the House of Representatives on a sanctions package against Russia, Iran and North Korea, will not only breakthrough, but also the normalization. Moreover, further degradation of the bilateral cooperation is inevitable, although further seems to have nowhere to go. “Our official reaction has to be followed to come into force a law (which, alas, no doubt, but still). The second is to prepare such a response, because it must be. Not symmetrical, but painful for Americans. And the law, and all the preceding action real estate, diplomats and other”.
  • The US state Department: “the Secretary of state, as far as I know, has clearly expressed its position on sanctions against Russia. We talked about so many of the problems currently facing Ukraine, and we expect and are determined to keep sanctions in place until Russia will not stop its provocative actions, which caused the introduction of these sanctions. The Secretary of state continues to have concern, very closely followed the situation in Ukraine and believes that Russia must do much more to ensure that the U.S. position has changed.”

As it became known today, the House of representatives of U.S. Congress passed a new package of sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Koreavoted 419 congressmen, and turned against all three.