How to build the perfect buttocks: tips and simple exercises

When you exercise for the buttocks, thighs and abdominal fat accumulation causes increased heart rate, blood pressure. So before you pump up the buttocks, you should review the diet to ensure optimal intake of calories. Eliminate foods with food additives, preservatives, reports

The accumulation of fat on the buttocks is often associated with a slow metabolism. The optimum rate of metabolic reactions is affected by hormone levels, the intake of sufficient vitamins and minerals needed daily physical activity. The rate of metabolism lowers that have accumulated on the intestinal walls of harmful substances.

The simplest exercise for the buttocks and the hips gives a morning or evening walk. For walking directions certainly require appropriate shoes. Fresh air is performed in an appropriate tempo, pump up the buttocks, tone the muscles, forced to move the lower back tone up the heart and blood vessels, increase blood circulation.

More effective exercise to build buttocks and thighs to reduce body fat – regular jogs in the morning or evening. First, the duration of the exercise the gluteal muscles should not exceed five minutes, the pace is moderate. Has drawn, you can gradually increase the duration of Jogging for one to two minutes. It is believed that the body fat burn with 40 minutes of exercise.

Tempo treadmill workout calm, measured. Run have light, strength, not to cause shortness of breath, or fatigue. The main task – getting rid of excess fat to make the buttocks firmer and toned.

The girls involved in Biking, Jogging, ice skating, skiing there is almost no need to pump up the glutes with squats, your other exercises. Regular physical exercise delivers a lot of fun, slimming, and makes the buttocks firm.

Jumping rope

Jumping rope warm up, pumped up your buttocks and thighs. Performed in an appropriate tempo, tone the muscles of the feet, eliminate body fat. First home exercises number of hops is small. One lesson perform 3-5 approaches.


Squats performed at home, quickly pump up the buttocks, they become toned and elastic. You need to position the feet at shoulder width, back straight. During squats, the feet do not come off from the floor, the load on the legs. Hands on the belt or stacked on the back of his head. At first, enough for three to five approaches for 10 smooth reps. To maximize pump up the buttocks and hips, squat as slowly as possible, without haste.

Training the gluteal muscles on the bench

To make the buttocks firmer and pumped, in the complex of the home exercises should include training on the bench. You need to stand up straight – feet together, hands along a trunk. To put a foot on a low bench or chair to stretch the muscles of the buttocks and legs. To transfer body weight forward and to be on the bench. To return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise, alternately changing legs.