The forecasts are not particularly optimistic: quarantine can extend and after June 22,

In some areas there is a tendency to deterioration of the situation, said the Ministry of health

11 June marks exactly three months since the Ukraine live in conditions of quarantine. Recall that the restrictive measures came into effect on 12 March by the decision of the Cabinet. Then it was assumed that the quarantine will last three weeks, but after the introduction it is renewed several times until April 24, then may 22, then until June 22.

How do I find the website “Today”, the quarantine may extend after June 22.

“According to our information it makes sense to extend the quarantine after June 22, – told the “Today” acting Director General of the Centre for public health, Ministry of health of Ukraine Igor Kuzin. We see that in some areas there is a tendency to deterioration of the situation. In terms of adaptive quarantine their performance, unfortunately, went for the worse. Total in the country – are not particularly optimistic forecasts. I think that more clarity will be in the next week. In order to assess the dynamics, it takes time”.

According to Igor’s Cousin, the quarantine may be extended for a further three weeks:

“In epidemiology there is a very clear indicator of the basic reproductive number (a parameter describing the transmissibility of infectious diseases – Ed.). The total ratio of new cases one week to another must be less than unity. This figure is to say that the epidemic is on the decline, which interrupted transmission in communities in high-risk populations. Now this figure is higher in the country units”.