Work without stress: how to avoid becoming a victim of office negativity

Tight deadlines, no less stringent requirements for quality professional tasks, and someone else, and long working hours — and the barely restrained growl of colleagues, having an argument, and the working negativity carries over into the household. Chronically tired person is behaving in a non-constructive, and even regular situation he perceives as an emergency, and sometimes independently of them in any turn. Indeed, in terms of stress and fatigue develops tunnel vision when obvious and safe for the psyche of the solution hiding in the shadows, and the circle closes.

How not to become an illustration of the adage about the horses and the work, we talked with Taisiya Vasilishina, coach-coach, psychologist, leader of “Top Academy”, Tatiana Mikheenko, a psychologist of the highest category, a psychotherapist and a naturopathic physician Elena Svitko.


If you postpone tasks for a couple of hours or even on the end of the day, you still remember them. And as our energy is always there, where our thoughts, it turns out that because of the “pending tasks” of forces doing work “here and now”. If the pending top tasks — it causes negative emotions, and they consume additional power. And the bigger the task, the more leakage of energy, up to 90% of the resources of the person!

So if you suffer from procrastination from day to day, it becomes a powerful factor of stress and, as a consequence of chronic fatigue. Because the day always start with the implementation of the largest and most important tasks no matter what emotions do you have with it, because its implementation requires at least ¾ of working time.

If you do not know how to this task to approach, walk slowly along the corridor or the street, thinking about nothing. This will have the effect of meditation: structuring thoughts, purify the mind from anxiety and fear.


Between low stress and low self-esteem is always an equal sign. And one of the forms of its manifestation is perfectionism. People who have the conceit all right, I believe that the best is definitely the enemy of the good. They allow you to be imperfect as others, and myself, do not “bite your brain” in an attempt to achieve the ideal, and therefore more stress.

Because urgently raise self-esteem. One of simple but effective ways — at the end of each week shall be registered at least five of your achievements over the last seven days. Then for each item shall describe five personal qualities that helped you to achieve this. People with the syndrome a student will not be able to Topstitch in the same breath: he will linger on every word, assessing whether all, and so he himself wrote. Over time, you will be “scribbling”, and suffer from perfectionism want.


You got it, but you — “tank”? This is deceptive: there are no people, completely indifferent to “bite.” The subconscious mind will still undermine your power, mindful of the wounds. Because, when boiled, always speak up the agent provocateur of the conflict, otherwise the jam anger undermine your strength. But do it on the principle of the Burger: put unpleasant (discontent, claim, uncomfortable for your colleagues needs) in two layers is pleasant: praise and/or encouragement. For example, a task with a colleague you had to perform in tandem.

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Say: “so much that you did your part in full! I’m really gonna get in trouble from the boss, as I delayed the delivery of its part because you do not fit into the deadline. Surely you were objective reasons. But I beg you next time to work without disruption, I want, I can help you with that? I think we’ll give everyone a head start.”


If you experience chronic fatigue — so the work put into the head of the corner, treat her with a certain degree of perfectionism and perform it in full, even if sick. The rule is exactly the same approach to the rest. At least twice a week, make plans for activities and implement it as responsibly as work problems: you have no right to miss a Cup of coffee with a friend or rollerblading, what would it nor interfere.

At first it will be difficult, but soon easier, and with time easily. For the rest, give the body resources plus forces appear due to the hormone of pleasure, which you will regularly receive. Therefore the work you will perform without strain and faster, and that means more time on personal Affairs.


If you work a bit messy and not very discipline to avoid stress. Give yourself a deadline for yourself: it needs to be for a day or two before the specified head.

If it is difficult to immediately observe this rule, set deadlines for the stages of the task, and at first can make their pseudomedicine: they must be previously assigned the necessary 30-40 minutes. So you will have time to finish the job in true time.
Last, the true deadline is set for 30 minutes before the time in which you can either decide to leave the office. This half hour is needed, that you summed up the day (what managed to complete and what not) and made a plan for tomorrow.


If regular make the over stay fine at the office due to the fact that you loaded dorabotal, say in the end “there is”: dodgy boss or colleagues. I’m afraid to spoil relations? To lose your job? And health to lose is not terrible? It is not known to buy — regardless of the prestige of the work and its vysokooplachivaemoi.
Another argument: sooner or later you will not be able to perform well and their own, and dopamine (human resources are still not unlimited). And you’re to blame for the fact that “working through the stump deck” with all the negative consequences — how important to you in favor of “grooving” and pay for your labour.


When nervous tension in the body uses twice the amount of the reserves of nutrients, depleting them quickly. In enhanced flow are the b vitamins And their deficiency leads to nervousness, anxiety, reduced the speed and quality of work of the brain because these vitamins are the most important substances in the metabolism occurring in the peripheral and Central nervous system.

To make up the loss will help the bagels from rye flour (eat them during the day): it is a powerful source of b vitamins.

Mix 1 Cup flour with ginger, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg (a pinch of each spice), sugar to taste, water (enough so that the dough was thick) and the egg.

Shape the bagels, bake at 200 °C.