What types of exercise help to lose weight

Effective weight loss is achieved by combining proper diet with exercise. If you only diet, then losing weight, the risk of getting a flabby body with sagging skin, as your muscles will be toned. Besides, without exercise metabolic processes slow down. The body senses the lack of nourishment and gradually adapts to the economical operation mode. Now he has every calorie counts for nothing and burn the body they will not. Thus, leaving the diet, you risk to gain the lost weight with interest. It often happens that after a diet a person gains even more than lost, writes likar.info.

If you systematically do sports, the need for a strict diet will disappear, as you will regularly lose a certain amount of calories per day. Moreover, given the tone of the muscle system will consume much more energy. That is, developing muscles, you will speed up your metabolism, thus weight loss process will go faster.

However, do not assume that if you exercise, so you can be anything you want and whenever you want. Low-carb food remains in force. Strictly count calorie a day diet and lost energy for the day. Today it is very simple. The energy value of each product is known, and the energy cost of a particular kind of physical activity can easily be calculated in the so-called calculators calories.

Here we consider the most effective kinds of exercise that will allow you to lose weight in a short time.


This is perhaps the most effective and safest form of exercise. You can walk people even with very high weight in that time as running with too much body weight contraindicated. It is best to do a walk in the woods or in the Park. The fresh air will saturate the cells with oxygen, which activates the process of fat oxidation. Noted that walking helps to fight stress that is often found in people with excess weight. If it is not possible to specifically take the time to walk, do it on the way to work. Leaving the house for work, walk a couple of stops on foot, and the same back home. After 2 weeks you will feel the result.


We expect at least six months of warm weather. It’s time to sit on the bike and pedaling. For many, losing weight Cycling is a real panacea. Besides the fact that it is highly effective (over an hour can burn up to 700 calories) exercise, so it is also very pleasant. And this is very important, as you will not need to make an effort to exercise.

Squat with dumbbells

Become straight, legs at shoulder width and your toes slightly. Take the dumbbells, lignite the back, and hands may be along the body. In this position, squat when breathing in up until the hips will not be parallel to the floor. In this position, you need to delay for a few seconds, then, return to starting position and exhale. This exercise should be performed in 3 sets of 30 times each.

Hula Hoop

Exercise with the Hoop (hula Hoop) – very effective exercises for those who want to lose weight. With this lesson 15-20 minutes a day, you will achieve good results in 10-15 days. Exercise with the Hoop perfectly trains the cardiovascular system. In addition, the exercise massages the internal organs, particularly the intestines, which promotes good digestion and prevents constipation.

Jumping rope

Skipping is a great form of exercise, allowing you to find harmony. Jumping rope for 15 minutes at a speed of 100 jumps per minute, a man weighing 70 to 75 kilos lose up to 200 calories. And if you bring the speed up to 150 – 200 jumps per minute, at the same time will be able to spend more than 300 kcal. Besides lost calories, you will also get rid of the sagging skin and tighten your body.


To join the pool with the purpose to throw a few pounds is a great idea. If other types of physical activity have a significant load on the spine, the swimmers it is minimal. Doing swimming for only half an hour, you can burn about 400 calories.

Swimming lessons a great deal with cellulite. The skin on the thighs becomes smoother, and the systematic visiting disappears altogether.

There are plenty of other types of physical activities that will help you to cope with the extra weight. It’s aerobics, dancing, skiing, roller skating, yoga and more. When choosing a sport prefer the one that suits you best. Very well, if the sport you will have fun. So you will be able to achieve considerable success. And remember, in sports the most important thing is regularity. Irregular Jogging, swimming or Cycling will give you a good mood, however, will not solve your main problem.